23 December 2014

Bath & Body Review | LUSH 'Sparkler' Bath Bomb*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Bath and Body Review - LUSH Sparkler Bath Bomb Review

A while back, I was invited along to the Lush Christmas Event. As part of it, I was lucky enough to jot down my three most lusted after items to be able to take away afterwards as a little gift. I can't stress enough how difficult this was, especially when you want to buy the entire range. As a huge bath bomb fan, it was inevitable that one would make it's way onto my list, and it's that review I bring you today; the 'Sparkler' Bath Bomb*.

18 December 2014

Graduation 29/11/14 - Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham Law School

Dinos Beauty Diary - Graduation 29/11/14 - Nottingham Trent University - Nottingham Law School

A few weeks ago, I was thrust out into the big, wide world with a degree and not a clue what would happen next. It was so scary to me - four years ago I was a fresher, throwing myself head first into nights out and meeting new people. Four years down the line, I'm now a Law Graduate, engaged and have pretty much hung up my party shoes. Scary. I guess I'm now officially an adult, right?

15 December 2014

Book Review | 'Not Quite A Geordie' by Holly Hagan

"I wasn't going to get anywhere without causing a stir. The way I saw it, if people don't gossip or talk about you, you are not making waves. And I was making huge rip curls on Geordie Shore."

12 December 2014

Benefit Christmas | Advent Calendar: Days 5,6,7 & 8

Sorry if this is a bit late, but if you follow me on twitter you may have noticed i got a bit disheartened/angry with regards to my advent calendar. So I figured I'd wait a few days before posting this so I don't come across quite so angry! :P

10 December 2014

Skincare Review | Merumaya 'Overnight Recharge' Night Cream*

I don't know about you, but I'm terrible at moisturising my skin. I'm very last minute, meaning I often rush my makeup in the morning before bolting out the door for work. As a result of this, I often find my poor skin suffers.

9 December 2014

Style Steal #1 | Blake Lively 'Nautical' Look

Today I'm bringing you guys a different kind of post. Fashion is a big part of my life and I absolutely love drooling over the latest fashion finds in magazines or on the internet. As such, I figured it was about time I started a new series. 'Style Steal' is going to be my new weekly series from now on, and will usually be posted on a Sunday. I hope you all enjoy what I manage to throw together for you all and stick by me through this new series :).


8 December 2014

Christmas | Beauty Gift Guide & Stocking Fillers for Her - 10 Items £10 or Less

Dino's Beauty Diary - Christmas - Gift Guide For Her - Stocking Fillers - 10 items £10 or less

Now it's December, that crazy time is upon us once again. The mad scramble and panic to get everyone nearest and dearest something special for Christmas. I don't know about you, but a few years ago I knew nothing about the world of blogging. Then this year, I'm fortunate enough to become part of this loving community. Each morning I wake up and read a bunch of new posts on a variety of blogs, and I'm so inspired with what to get people for Christmas. And that's thanks to you guys - so seriously, a massive thank you. That being said, I thought I'd create my own gift guide to share with you all. I hope it helps in deciding what to get people for Christmas!

5 December 2014

Benefit Christmas | Advent Calendar: Days 1,2,3 & 4

Benefit Advent Calendar - Days 1,2,3,4 - Dino's Beauty Diary

This year, I couldn't wait for Christmas to start - if only for being able to tuck into my Benefit Advent Calendar! Back when me and Hannah were planning our blogger meet, we did a little shopping and just popped into Debenhams. Curiosity got the better of us, and before we knew it we had our names down on the list to get a Benefit Advent Calendar for £60. Win!

Bath & Body Review | LUSH 'Ice Blue' Soap

These days I can't seem to walk within the vicinity of Lush without my nose picking up on the smell and dragging me to the store. It's seriously addictive, and I never seem to leave the store empty handed. Good for me, not so good for my bank account.


3 December 2014

Make-Up Review | Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set

Boy oh boy do I have something special to share with you all today. Just before we went to Paris, my lovely (now) fiancé surprised me with a very thoughtful gift. And what was that gift? The amazing Rose Golden Set of Luxury Brushes from Zoeva, which I'd been drooling over for months but could never quite afford. Seriously, isn't this boy a keeper?

30 November 2014

Paris Diary | Day Five: Shopping in Paris - MAC, Sephora and KIKO Cosmetics Haul!

On our last day in Paris, Liam and I decided to do a bit of shopping. Our train wasn't until later that evening, but I still wanted to get a few bits for my Secret Santa in the #BloggersSecretSanta14. And of course some bits and bobs for myself...I was in Paris afterall!

28 November 2014

Paris Diary | Day Four: Artsy and Cultured - Musée du Louvre

Dino's Beauty Diary - Paris Diary - Day Four - The Louvre Museum

One of the things I was most excited about when we visited Paris was attending the Louvre. Home to some of the world's most amazing exhibits and paintings, I couldn't wait! And who could forget the Mona Lisa?

27 November 2014

Paris Diary | Day Three: Lowest and Highest Points - Parisian Catacombs and the Eiffel Tower

Dino's Beauty Diary - Paris Diary - Day Three - Lowest and Highest Points of Paris - Catacombs and the Eiffel Tower Summit

Day Three of Paris and Liam wanted to visit the Catacombs...I guess taking him to see 'As Above, So Below' didn't put him off the idea. So we headed down outside of the main tourist-y areas of Paris towards the Catacombs. All in all, we waited for only around 30-45 minutes to get inside, which was a blessing really as the official website stated there's normally around a 2-3 hour wait!

Paris Diary | Day Two: Armistice Day - Musée de l'Armée and Notre-Dame Cathederal

Dino's Beauty Diary - Paris Diary - Musée de l'Armée, Notre-Dame Cathederal

Our second day in Paris happened to coincide with Armistice day, so we planned on visiting the Army Museum in Paris and Notre Dame Cathederal. Instead of travelling around Paris via the Metro or a tour bus, we instead opted to do most of it on foot. This was perfect for us, as it really helped capture the beauty of the city. That, and we got to see all the different spots in our own time.

25 November 2014

Paris Diary | Day One: A Walking Tour - Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées

Dino's Beauty Diary - Paris Diary - Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées

Paris is a beautiful city. Visiting in autumn was perfect for me; the leaves are turning gorgeous deep shades and the air seems crisper. I couldn't believe my luck when my lovely boyfriend suggested a city break for us both to have some alone time.

20 November 2014

#BloggersSecretSanta14 | Nottingham

#BloggersSecretSanta14 - Ned Ludd Nottingham - Bloggers Event - Dino's Beauty Diary

On Saturday, the day myself and Hannah had been madly preparing for arrived. #BloggersSecretSanta14. Waking up at 5.30 that morning (after getting back from Paris in the night) I was exhausted and also filled with nerves. Afterall, it was our first time hosting an event and we wanted everything to run so smoothly!

18 November 2014

Coast to Coast | Christmas Preview - Sheffield

Back at the beginning of November (crazy backlog of posts since going to Paris), the lovely Hannah text me to see what I was up to on the 4th November. Being free, she gladly informed me of a event happening in Sheffield in the evening, and the place was looking for bloggers to sample their Christmas menu and participate in a cocktail masterclass.

7 November 2014

500 Twitter Followers/6 Month Blogging Giveaway | Win a OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Nail Polish Set!

Dino's Beauty Diary - 500 Followers Giveaway - Fifty Shades of Grey OPI Nail Polish
Hey everyone!

So somehow in the past few days, I've passed over the 500 followers mark on twitter. Wow. I just want to thank you all so much for your continued support and for reading my blog - it means so much to me that people actually like reading what I have to say.

5 November 2014

TV Review | The Walking Dead S05E04: 'Slabtown'

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 Slabtown TV Review

On last weeks The Walking Dead we were left on a cliffhanger, with Daryl returning to the group and asking someone to come out when asked where Carol was. The internet has been steadily growing with ideas, from it being Carol or Beth, to a completely new character who somehow managed to find our favourite hero. With that, I couldn't wait until this weeks episode - we finally get a look at where Beth has been, and we may even find out who was lurking in the woods!

Hair Review | The Body Shop 'Tickle Me Pink' Hair Chalk

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Body Shop Tickle Me Pink Hair Chalk

Back in June, I celebrated my 22nd birthday (and right about now I feel twice as old). As well as being spoilt rotten with presents, I got quite a few gift cards and went on a bit of a shopping splurge, which can be found here. Among all the clothes I brought, I couldn't resist purchasing this Body Shop Hair Chalk in 'Tickle Me Pink' for £5.00.

2 November 2014

TV Review | The Walking Dead S05E03: 'Four Walls and a Roof'

First of all I want to apologise for this post being ridiculously late - someone close to me is really ill at the moment and I've been visiting them recently, so some of my posts are a bit behind schedule. That being said, lets jump into my review of Season 5's 'Four Walls and a Roof'.

31 October 2014

Make-Up Review | Xenca Perfection Lipstick in 'Cherry'*

A while ago now, I had the fantastic delight of attending the #NorthernBloggerMeetUp in Sheffield. The day ended up being one of the best events I've attended since starting blogging, as I managed to socialise with a lot of fellow bloggers, and even made firm friends with some.


30 October 2014

Halloween | Horror Films #1 - The Classics

As Halloween is fast approaching (it's tomorrow now, where has October gone), I figured I'd do a quick little post to share with you all my favourite horror films. And what better way to start with the classic horrors that pretty much defined the genre as we know it today?

24 October 2014

TV Review | The Walking Dead S05E02: 'Strangers'

Since the preview we got last week, I've been impatiently waiting for this weeks episode. And what with such an action packed episode, it could only get better right? I'm going to apologise now about this being up a bit later than usual - I've been seriously ill for the past week and this is the first chance I've got to write it, so thanks for your patience!

17 October 2014

Autumn Beauty Haul #2

I seriously need to inflict a shopping ban on myself. But I just can't help it - I see so many nice things when I'm trying my hardest to curb my spending. Especially in TK Maxx (which I have just recently discovered do amazing beauty brands at really low prices). Sooner or later I can see myself like Isla Fisher in 'Confessions of a shopaholic' in being sent to shopaholics anonymous! But for now whilst I keep spending, I may aswell show you what I have...

14 October 2014

TV Review | The Walking Dead S05E01: 'No Sanctuary'

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 No Sanctuary Review

Hallelujah, ITS BACK. Yes it's that time of year again when AMC's 'The Walking Dead' graces our screens again. For months now I've been waiting for this moment, stalking twitter feeds and constantly googling TWD for any insight or dare I say it, spoiler, into what has become of our beloved characters.

Birchbox | October 'Work It!'

You know what time it is. That time of the month where every beauty blogger with a birchbox subscription is either sat on the stairs or pacing around in the hallway waiting for that special delivery. Each month I get an email stating my birchbox is on its way, and until it come's I'm forever asking my mum 'have I got a parcel yet?'.

10 October 2014

A very #LUSHChristmas | Nottingham

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Nottingham Bloggers Event -

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to get a lovely email from Urika Chiu, who works in PR at Lush, inviting me to their Christmas launch at the Nottingham store. I was so excited to be invited to such a fantastic event, as my love (and lets face it, obsession) with Lush has been growing huge amounts recently.

9 October 2014

AuraLDN Exclusive Preview!

Time for some serious bling here on DBD! :)

Recently on twitter, I had the good luck to happen upon a new fashion jewellery brand called AuraLDN and was offered an exclusive insight into their new launch! So I'm very excited to bring you all this post featuring some of their upcoming pieces!

7 October 2014

Autumn Beauty Haul #1

Dino's Beauty Diary - Autumn Beauty Haul #1, Bleach London, Makeup Revolution, Tanya Burr, Makeup Academy

Amid all the planning for the #BloggersSecretSanta14, it was quite clear some retail therapy was needed! So when Hannah traveled to Nottingham to look at the venue, we knew we'd have to do some shopping! After all, planning such an event is hard work, right? ;)

5 October 2014

Skincare Review | Lush 'Cupcake' Face Mask

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Cupcake Face Mask Review

A while ago now, I did what was to be my first ever beauty haul (which can be found here). My friend Carrie picked up the 'Cupcake' face mask, and since then I have been pretty much haunted by how good it smelt! As such, I knew I had to get it myself at some point.


4 October 2014

#BloggersSecretSanta14 - Venue Announcement

Picture from Google Images.
Hey everyone!

So as most of you know, myself and Hannah are currently in the midst of arranging our blogger meet for the 15th November, how exciting! We have quite a few things in the works and we're so excited for you all to come along :). The day we set on planning a meet I sent just a couple of emails out to potential locations, inquiring if they wouldn't mind us using their venue rooms. Imagine how amazed I was when I got an email from Tom, the person in charge of things at some of the branches of 'Great Northern Inn's' in Nottingham! He was absolutely lovely and ever so friendly that me and Hannah we're immediately excited! He even offered for us to go and view the venue of our choice, which we can now announce is;

27 September 2014


What's that I hear? A blogger meet? And in Nottingham no less?

Well that's right! It seems recently I've got the blogger event bug - I absolutely love meeting new and likeminded people. So often I converse with other bloggers via the internet, but it's actually nice to meet face to face.

26 September 2014


A while back, I had the pleasure to start talking to Gemma and Leah on twitter, and was invited to my first ever bloggers event at Crabtree & Evelyn. When I met them I was very kindly invited to a blogger event they were organising - which came to be the #NottsMeetSep14.

17 September 2014

Models Own Haul - #6for20

I am a complete sucker for a painted nail. My mum often makes fun of me for having a huge shelf overflowing with nail polishes. And my boyfriend pretty much has to drag me away from them when we go into town.

12 September 2014

Birchbox | September 'Happy Days'

Hey everybody!

It's that time again...Birchbox time! Today I was too excited after recieving the email stating my box was on the way, and even more so when the lovely lady came to post it!

10 September 2014

Perfume Review | Prada Candy


Today I have a different review post for you all - my first perfume review! Not that long ago I ran out of my usual perfume, and decided to go for something a bit different. Wandering around the perfume counters in debenhams, I must have tried at least 20 different perfumes (and my boyfriend thought it would be funny to spritz me with loads of different scents). Eventually I happened across Prada 'Candy' (and brought it in Boots as it was slightly cheaper).

9 September 2014


Hey everyone!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a blogging meet up in Sheffield; the #NorthernBloggerMeetUp! The event was my first since Crabtree & Evelyn, so I was still relatively nervous about attending a blogging event.


28 August 2014

I've Been Nominated! | Liebster Award #2 & #3

Hey everyone!

Recently I've been nominated twice for the Liebster award! Both the fantastic Emily and Katie-Louise nominated me again,so thanks very much girls! Go check out their blogs when you get a chance! I think the Liebster award is a fantastic way for people to get to know the person behind the blog, so here goes my next couple of nominations!

I thought it would be easier too to combine them both into one post rather than doing them as two separate ones, so here goes :)

27 August 2014

What I'm Watching #1

Hey everyone!
So I'm starting a new series today just based on what I'm watching. With the amount I watch (seriously, it's unhealthy) I figured I might as well put it to some good use! 90% of the time I can be caught starfished out on my bed, my hair scraped into a messy bun and gorming in front of my TV. I'm that lazy.

21 August 2014

Birchbox | August 'Away We Go!'

August Birchbox - Dinos Beauty Diary

Evening all!
I had the pleasure of receiving my third Birchbox a couple of days ago, and since then I've been too excited to write about it all.

20 August 2014

A Night out in Nottingham...OOTD & FOTD

Morning everyone!

Recently it was my lovely boyfriend Liam's 23rd birthday, and to celebrate we headed on into Nottingham for a night out. A few of his friends came out (I was ridiculously nervous as I hadn't met any of them before), and also Carrie as we were both too busy at work to really see each other!

17 August 2014

What's been happening?

Hey everyone!

So as I'm sure people have noticed, I've been ridiculously inactive recently, on both here and twitter. I just wanted to write a quick post to just kind of explain to you guys what's been happening, and why I've been so quiet recently!

28 July 2014

Book Review | Silver Shadows (Bloodlines Book #5) by Richelle Mead

Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire secrets - and human lives.
In The Fiery Heart, Sydney risked everything to follow her gut, walking a dangerous line to keep her feelings hidden from the Alchemists.
Now, in the aftermath of an event that ripped their world apart, Sydney and Adrian struggle to pick up the pieces and find their way back to each other. But first, they have to survive.
For Sydney, trapped and surrounded by adversaries, life becomes a daily struggle to hold on to her identity and the memories of those she loves. Meanwhile, Adrian clings to hope in the face of those who tell him Sydney is a lost cause, but the battle proves daunting as old demons and new temptations begin to seize hold of him...
Their worst fears now a chilling reality; Sydney and Adrian face their darkest hour.

25 July 2014

Mega Birthday Haul!

Dinos Beauty Diary - Mega Birthday Haul

Hey everyone!

A while back (June 25th, to be exact...) I celebrated my 22nd birthday, which can be found here. I had a lovely time and got some fantastic things, making me feel very loved :) Some of the things I got were some shopping vouchers, *squeals in excitement*. So on a day when both me and my mum were off work, we headed into Derby (for a change) for some much needed retail therapy. 
WARNING: I brought quite a bit, so expect a lengthy post! 

21 July 2014

Manicure Mondays #5 | OPI Nail Lacquer 'The Brazil Collection'

Dinos Beauty Diary - OPI Nail Lacquer - Manicure Mondays

Evening everyone!

I'm back again with Manicure Mondays, huzzah! Stuff has been hectic at the moment, so painting my nails has been a nice relaxing treat :)

14 July 2014

Birchbox | June & July Boxes!

Dinos Beauty Diary - June and July Birchbox


Recently I signed up for a monthly subscription to Birchbox. For those of you who don't know, Birchbox is a fantastic monthly service where you get delivered samples of different items across a variety of brands. For £10 a month (excluding p&p) you get sent 5 samples plus a little lifestyle bonus. I signed up right at the end of June, so I managed to get both June & July's boxes at around the same time. Hence why this post is so long; I'm going to talk about what I got in both months, hoorah! :)

9 July 2014

Bootea | Introduction to the Bootea Detox

Dinos Beauty Diary - Bootea

Howdy guys!

Recently I've been seeing quite a lot of people mention 'Bootea' on twitter. Curious, I researched into it and was immediately intrigued. The tea boasts to be full of all natural ingredients aimed to help with weight loss and support a healthy lifestyle.

8 July 2014

Girls Date! | F&B & The Fault In Our Stars

Evening everyone!

Recently me and one of my closest friends Katie went to the Showcase complex in Nottingham for a girly day and catch up. Since I've moved back home from University now, it feels so great to see all my friends back in my hometown as I've missed them so much. Even though I'm from Nottingham and was only at University in the city, most of them had gone away to literally all opposite ends of the country, meaning it was very hard to see each other! 

1 July 2014

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!

Dinos Beauty Diary - 22nd Birthday


So as those of you that follow me on Twitter & Instagram know, I recently celebrated my 22nd birthday (heading straight into retirement any day now). I didn't plan much for my birthday, as in all honesty I was just glad to have the day off work after working everyday now for as long as I can remember. But my parents were lovely and super sweet and suggested a meal with a couple close friends, and of course my lovely best friend Carrie. So off we headed to a local restaurant, 'The Bulls Head' in Breaston.
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