29 May 2014

Lifestyle Update | My end of Uni experience!

So as of yesterday, I officially finished my finals for my degree and right now I'm feeling all choked up that it's over. Four years at University, done with. Nostalgia setting in? Check.

26 May 2014

Manicure Mondays #1 | Topshop 'Country Bumpkin'

Evening everyone! Sorry about this being a super late post, but it's been Mumma Dino's birthday so I've had a super busy day between that and revising! So I figured I'd take the time to do this post in my revision break :)


20 May 2014

LUSH Beauty Haul!

Lush Haul - DinosBeautyDiary.blogspot.co.uk

Good afternoon everyone!
So yesterday, me and my friend decided to head into town for a spot of retail therapy (in order to save our sanity during exams!).
I picked up a bunch of goodies, and figured I'd do a little post on my Lush haul!
I haven't shopped in Lush in so long, and being back in the store I couldn't believe how much stuff I wanted! One day!
So here is some of the stuff I picked up :)


17 May 2014

Summer Wishlist

With Summer just around the corner, and the end of my university life (seriously, how did three years come and go so fast?!), I've recently found myself lusting after a few new items to spruce up my wardrobe, and my look for that fresh summer look.


5 May 2014

Importance Of A Decent Nights Sleep

As a student, I'm guilty of over-indulging in my sleep like my fellow students. Either that, or I'm so panicked about exams etc. that I get little to no sleep! After a few days of this I start to feel groggy and snap at people, and looking into what's happening to my body by doing this, it's not hard to understand why!

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