Boots No7 Make Up Haul!

Evening all!

So today I have a rather exciting post for you all; my first make-up haul, hoorah! I've been quite obsessed with make-up recently as I started to grow really bored of my everyday routine, so I grabbed a bunch of new things to try and shake it up a bit. So here is some of the stuff I picked up in the No7 range! :)

Item #1: No7 Colour Calming Primer
This item is probably my top purchase for the day! For some reason I suffer from ridiculously pale skin, but not only that, I also tend to get red patches which seriously winds me up! I used to slather on loads of foundation in the hopes that it would cover it, but it would never work. So when I went to the No7 counter the other day and repeated my dilemma to the assistant, she referred me onto this primer, which is amazing! It's a bright green colour (which I initially thought was weird), but it turns out the green fluid pretty much neutralizes the redness in the skin, score! 

Items #2 and #3: No7 'Stay Perfect' Shade and Define ('Gunmetal Grey' and 'Black Shimmer')
£8.00 each
I was drawn to these babies as they can be used in a variety of ways, be it eyeliner or eyeshadow. I can see myself mainly using them as eyeliners, but they can be used to create a smokey eye look too! They're quite thick and creamy, but they're also long lasting and have a smaller tip in order to create thinner lines. I brought two shades as I was sick of constantly using black eyeliner, and figured grey would be a bit more subtle but have a similar effect! Here's hoping :)

Item #4: No7 'High Shine' Lip Crayon ('Delicate Pink')
Recently I've been all about lip crayons - they're easier to use than the glosses I always use, and they seem to last longer. The photo makes this look a lot lighter than it actually is, so sorry about that! The colour I picked is 'Delicate Pink' as it was cute and not too overpowering (which isn't hard with my skin tone!). Usually with lipstains I end up whacking quite a bit on and have to blot some off with tissue to get the desired effect, so I'm curious as to if that will be the case with this item!

Item #5: No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter
So I will admit, this is a completely new purchase for me. Remember I said I was bored with my make-up routine and wanted to try something new? This is one of the big ones for me! Normally I'm just set with foundation, so an entire face complete with primer, foundation, highlighter and blusher is new! This highlighter claims to give you an 'instant radiant glow', and you're meant to apply it on cheekbones and brow bones for a subtle 'shimmering' look. Hopefully this will make me look a bit more alert and alive (too many people at work have commented that I always look tired).

Item #6: No7 'Mineral Perfection' Loose Powder Blusher ('Soft Damson')
I'll be the first to admit, blusher usually petrifies me. I'm always scared of applying too much and looking like a clown or something. So I've never really used blusher before! However this one promises to be light and give a natural finish, so I thought I'd at least give it a shot. Plus as I said above, it'll make me look more alive so hopefully people at work will stop saying how tired I look!

Item #7: No7 'Stay Perfect' Foundation ('Cool Vanilla')
This item is actually more of a repurchase for me, as last time I used it it was perfect! Sometimes I really struggle with foundations due to my dry skin - no matter how much I exfoliate and moisturise beforehand, when I put foundation on it clings to my dry skin and flakes. So irritating! Before this I used Clinique, which seemed to be the only product that didn't highlight my dry skin. I had to change from it though as I prefer compacts to a liquid (I tend to squirt too much out and then waste half of it). Trying this I was a bit nervous - afterall, what if it looked terrible? Thankfully, it went on evenly and had perfect coverage. I'd definitely recommend this item!

How about you? Have you purchased any good items from No7? I'd love some recommendations! Now I'm off to play with my make up, yay :)


alice said...

I was almost going to buy that exact lip crayon, but decided I didn't want to spend £9 on it, love it though!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

Unknown said...

I have recently picked up there cream blush (i think its in the same range as the highlighter) in rose blossom. I would highly recommend it, it looks a bit striking when you first put it on but it blends in beautifully and its such a natural flush to the cheeks :)

Emma-Louise Dean said...

It's good, I'd recommend it as its moisturizing aswell! Normally with some lip crayons they tend to dry out my lips and look chapped, but this one was perfect! xo

Emma-Louise Dean said...

I think I know what you're on about, I've seen them before. Are there like 3 different colours, in a stick like the highlighter? Will have to keep an eye out for it and add it to my shopping list haha :) xo

Lucy said...

I've never been drawn to No7 makeup before, but the Instant Radiance Highlighter looks good. I do like their lip liners though :)


Unknown said...

Ok I have to give that colour correcting primer a try! My skin can get so ridiculously red, so annoying! My shopping list has just got a little bit longer after reading this :)


Unknown said...

Oh that sound wonderful! That'll be added to my list as well :)