Boots No7 Skincare Mini-Haul!

Hey my lovelies!

So I'm trying to keep on top of my posts at the moment, and thought I'd try and get this one out before I'm back at work this week. Recently I did a 'Boots No7 Makeup Haul', and I think I must have caught a spending bug or something, because I couldn't resist going into Boots again recently and splurging on some skincare products! I've been getting really sick of my dry skin recently, so my spending is totally justified...right?!

No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator for Normal/Dry Skin
"Created to help your dry skin behave like normal skin and provide tailored skin nutrition for healthy looking, bright and beautiful skin."
I must admit, when it comes to exfoliators, they're always hit or miss for me. I remember one of them aggravated my skin so much that I just gave up with it all for a while, and used trusty face wipes instead. I know right?! The biggest beauty no-no, but it worked for me.
I knew I couldn't keep on with it forever though, unless I wanted my skin to go south, hence this purchase! It's recommended on the back to use this once or twice a week, but I figured I'd use this every other day as I feel that my skin is suffering quite bad at the moment!

Both of these items are from different lines within No7, but I figured that I'd need two different items (one for during the day and one for at night). Plus they come in super cute pots...come on, who can resist them?!

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Dry Skin
"Created to help your dry skin behave like normal skin and provide tailored skin nutrition for healthy looking, bright and beautiful skin."
I was drawn to this as it not only boasted to be able to sort out my dry skin, but also make it brighter and more healthy. Lord knows I need it! With SPF 15 and 5* UVA technology too, it should help keep skin healthy even in the sun. Rosehip oil is also included, which is meant to help lock in moisture!

No7 Essential Moisture Night Cream
"Give your skin a little beauty sleep with this rich night cream. It nourishes and replenishes to leave your skin irresistibly soft and silky when you wake."
I have to admit here, I have used a small bit of this item before and I was really pleased with it, hence me investing in it! I've never really moisturised before going to sleep at night, as I only moisturise in the morning (and normally only when I can actually be bothered). When I used this before, I was pleasantly surprised with how soft and smooth my skin felt when I woke up the next morning! Definitely a recommended purchase for anyone suffering from dry skin.

So there it is! This was only a mini haul today, but I'm still excited about my new purchases! Plus what makes this even better is that all items in the No7 Skincare range are at the moment on offer at 3 for 2! 

How about you? Do you like the No7 Skincare items? Let me know in the comments below!


Unknown said...

I find a lot of scrubs aggravate my skin so I tend to stick to chemical exfoliators - they don't contain bits, instead they have stuff like fruit acids which dissolves the dead skin. Less harsh on your skin! NSpa do a good gel one but my absolute fave is Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel but it's super spendy! Xx


Emma-Louise Dean said...

I'll have to keep an eye out for the Elemis one! Depending on cost of course haha, I'm trying to limit my spending at the moment! xo