21 June 2014

I've Been Nominated! | The Fairy Tale Tag

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Evening (or should I say night?!) all!

So I've been nominated by the lovely Sophie to do this fairytale tag! Thanks Sophie! :) Basically there are questions based on a different character, and you just have to answer as best as you can before nominating more people, so here goes!

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Snow White: Do you consider yourself beautiful?

No way. Beautiful is such a strong word, in all senses. To be beautiful I think you have to be pretty much perfect on the inside rather than just the outside, and that's something a lot of people struggle with. We all have our flaws.

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Sleeping Beauty: How many hours do you sleep at night?

This varies night to night, but I try to get a minimum of at least 7 hours. In exam period it was something like 4 hours, and I don't know how I managed. Now it depends on if I have to be up the next day, if I'm in work etc.

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Cinderella: Do you have a curfew?

At the age of 22 (well, on Wednesday *Happy Birthday to meee*) I certainly hope not! Haha. I did when I was younger and I always stuck to it, I have major respect for my parents. Nowdays I'm free to do whatever I please, but I always keep checked in with my parents, I'm really close with them so it just feels normal to me.

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Rapunzel: Do you love being outside?

It depends on the weather really. I love sunbathing as much as the next person, but if it's too hot I refuse to go outside haha! I also hate bugs and stuff, so I'm usually annoying people with moaning about them! Snowing however, you can never drag me back inside!

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Little Red Riding Hood: Do you trust strangers easily?

I'd say I'm really friendly, but it takes a while to get to a full level of trust (if you catch my meaning). Like I'll be nice and outgoing yeah, but to gain my trust fully it may take a while! (Trust issues much? haha)
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Beauty and the Beast: What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?

Being a honestly good person. No saying one thing to your face, and another behind your back. Going out of your way to be kind to someone. That kind of person.

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The Little Mermaid: What would you sacrifice for love?

Nothing. I think that if it's true love, then nothing should have to be sacrificed. I know too many people who since being in relationships, have changed completely and sacrificed who they once were for the chance to be loved. When I fall in love one day, I'd like to think that they love me for who I am, not who they can change me to be.

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The Frog Prince: What do you find disgusting?

I think I have too many things to list here! But some are: feet, germs, and when people get food round their mouths (I'm too much of a control freak/neat freak, and I find it gross).

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Jack and the Beanstalk: What plans do you have?

Right now I'm just taking life as it comes. I have a few plans on where I want my life to go, but nothing set in stone.

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Puss in Boots: Do you have pets? If not, do you want them?

I have a Sprocker (Springer/Cocker Spaniel mix) called Sawyer (after the character in Lost), and he is the most adorable dog ever, he has me wrapped around his little finger (so to speak). I'd love another dog though so he has someone to play with!

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Pinocchio: What's your biggest wish?

Sounds silly, but it's to make my parents happy and proud. That's all I want.

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Peter Pan: What is your mental age?

With how I feel right now, probably about 70! Normally though I'd like to think I'm quite young at heart.

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The Snow Queen: Who is your best friend and what would you do for him/her?
Carrie, and there's literally nothing I wouldn't do for her. We've both helped each other through some tough stuff, and she is honestly the only friend I can say I would do anything for. I have her back, and I know she has mine.

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The Princess and the Pea: Are you sensitive?

I used to be, but I can honestly say I'm not anymore. I used to care what people think, but it was so draining! I'm a lot happier now being myself, and not caring what people think of me!

The Brave Little Soldier: Do you consider yourself brave?

Who is the brave little soldier?! Anyway, I'd like to think so :)

Thanks for the tag Sophie! I love doing tags, it's a way for people to get to know me a little better rather than just doing reviews etc. Hope you enjoyed!

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Have fun girls, and let me know when you've done your post! :)


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