2 June 2014

Manicure Mondays #2 | Maybelline Forever Strong 'Lilac Charm'

Evening everyone! So today I have installment number 2 in my 'Manicure Monday's' series, yay! 

So recently I've moved a lot of stuff back from my student house to my parents. Student life is officially over and it's now time to go out into the world and become an adult...scary. Anyway, with the moving back of a lot of my stuff, I discovered some (well, a lot) of nail polishes I'd recently brought and never got round to using. Yet again more evidence of quite how useless I am...but good for you guys, it means a lot more reviews coming your way. Yayyyy!

I was stuck with a variety of polishes to choose from, so I turned to Mumma Dino and asked her which colour she would prefer. And viola, she chose Maybelline New York Forever Strong Pro, Lilac Charm #240.

Pastel colours are seriously in at the moment, and my mum is right on track with her fashion as per usual :). Purple is my favourite colour, so this immediately cheered me up! This shade of lilac is probably my favourite. I once had my room painted in what I thought was lilac...but on the walls it turned out to be different and made my room look a lot darker! Thankfully that wasn't the case with this. Two coats and my nails looked lusciously lilac:

Ta-daaa! Super cute right? What do you think? And do you have any recommendations for what colour I should try next? Let me know! :)


Alice Young said...

Cute colour :) x

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Sara Blinder said...

I like it. :-)

Emma Dean said...

Thanks Alice :) Heading over to your blog now! :) xo

Emma Dean said...

Thanks Sara :) Just so you know I'm going to reply to your email tonight! Sorry, everythings been so hectic at the moment haha! xo

Toni said...

Oooh I like xx

Emma Dean said...

Thank you! :) xo

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