16 June 2014

My World Cup: England Look!

Hey everyone!

So today is something a little new, something I haven't done yet! As the World Cup has just started, I figured I'd start a kind of lookbook thing regarding my make-up and outfits etc. I'm not sure how this is going to go yet, so fingers crossed!

First up is the makeup! Normally I go for quite understated makeup, such as a neutral eye (the most adventurous I go during the day is brown eyeliner). So this one is quite an experiment for me! Here is a list of what I used:

- Rimmel London 'Hide the Blemish' Concealer in #004 'Natural Beige'
- 120 Eyeshadow Palette
- No7 'Stay Perfect' Shade and Define in 'Black Shimmer'
- Clinique 'High Impact' Mascara in #01 Black
- No7 Colour Calming Primer
- No7 'Stay Perfect' Foundation in 'Cool Vanilla'
- No7 'Instant Radiance' Highlighter
- No7 'Mineral Perfection' Loose Powder Blusher in 'Soft Damson'

As we were going to a friends for a BBQ and to watch the England match, I wanted to wear colours to support our team! (Even though we're rubbish, lets face it). 

Firstly I went for a concealer as a base on both the eyelids (it helps the eyeshadow stay on longer) and underneath to cover the dark circles! I then used my 120 eyeshadow palette and used the lightest white (below; 2) all over the eyelid and towards the brow bone, before going over with the red (1) from the outer corner and blending towards the middle of the lid with a blending brush. In the crease I used a deeper brown (3) to darken the eye, with a slight bit of brown eyeliner to blend down towards the lashes.

 Then, to line the eye I used my new No7 Black shade and define liner on the outside of the eye before fading it towards the inner eye. On the face I used the colour calmer, followed by the foundation, highlighter and blusher. Finally I topped it off with Clinique mascara and viola! Instant England supporter makeup :)

Outfit wise, I posted a while back about a New Look haul I did, which can be found here. I decided to stick with the red theme and chose the playsuit, pairing it with my standard curly hair (as seen in the photo above).

I love this playsuit as it not only looks good on, but it feels it too! The design is cute and the material is nice and light, so its perfect for outdoors!

Shoe wise, I went for these sandals I got a while back from New Look. Whilst I was at Uni I grew too used to wearing converse or ugg boots for serious study sessions in the library, so it felt nice to take advantage of the summer weather and wear sandals again!

So there you have it! That's my summer look for the first England World Cup match! I would have posted it sooner but lets just say I was recovering! What do you think? And what's your look?



KatieLouise said...

Great post and your makeup looks lovely! I really love that playsuit, it's beautiful and perfect for the upcoming summer days :)


Vicki Skitt said...

That playsuit is gorgeous!

love victoriajanex

Emma Dean said...

Thank you! The playsuit is amazing, I really can't compliment it enough!

Checking out your blog now, love it! :)


Emma Dean said...

It's stunning! It's really flattering :)

Will check out your blog too :)


Kirstie Saunders said...

Love this Playsuit and gorgeous make-up girl!!


Emma Dean said...

Thank you sweetie! Love your blog xo

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