1 June 2014

New Look Fashion Haul!

Hey my lovelies!
So today I have a post I've been meaning to write for a while...my laziness seems to be increasing. Sorry about that!
Anyway, what better way to blow off some steam from everyday stress than with some retail therapy? My favourite shop for years has always been new look - they're always on top of the latest fashions, and still at affordable prices! So recently I'll admit, I did go on a bit of a spending spree...but just look at my purchases! So cuteee!

Item #1: Black Wedge Boots

Approx £15
For me, these boots were an absolute steal! I found them in the sale for around £15, so I'm not actually sure if they'll even still be available anymore. I'd actually gone into town with the intention of just buying some cute black boots I could wear as everyday (I was sick of feeling like a midget and just wanted to add some extra height). So imagine my surprise when I found these babies, and in exactly my size! Thank the lord for small miracles :)

Item #2: Red Strappy Floral Print Layered Playsuit

I immediately fell in love with this playsuit as soon as I saw it on the hanger, but then felt disheartened as all playsuits I'd tried on before never looked as good on as they did hanging up. Thankfully enough, this one looked amazing on! I love the bright red on this and feel as if it makes a statement - plus it would look super cute with a bright red lip and tousled hair!

Item #3: Gold Small Heart Necklace

This necklace is so cute and not too flashy, which is something I was initially looking for. I wanted something simple which I could just wear everyday...just a little something to add to my outfits. Thankfully this seems to do the job, its absolutely adorable :)

Item #4: Pink 1/2 Sleeve Heart Print Boxy Shirt

This top was more of an impulse buy than anything else. Usually my style was just vest tops and jeggings, and I've been growing so sick of my clothing being dull and the same day in day out. So this seemed like a good choice :) I like the collar on this as it seems more sophisticated and stand out than my other tops, and maybe pairing this with a pastel coloured skirt or bright jeans would look good. What do you think?

Item #5: Gold Multi Row Chain Necklace

Whilst this seems slightly expensive to me for a necklace (I never usually spend more than £5 max) it's actually worth it. I've always wanted a big statement necklace like this, but always been too scared to buy one incase it never matched anything I wore. For a necklace as big as this, I'd say its better to wear it with a plain top (like Item #6), otherwise your outfit may be too loud!

Item #6: Lime Green Crop T-Shirt

I was a bit apprehensive when I picked up this top. It was adorable on the hanger, but I felt the colour (especially with my pale skin tone) might be a little draining on me. Thankfully when I tried it on, it looked great! Wearing it casually with my leggings and a pair of boots, I felt like I had put together a cute outfit, especially with the necklace mentioned above :) Only problem with this is the picture - it looks more yellow in the photo (my camera quality I'm afraid), but I promise, in person it is a gorgeous lime green colour!

Item #7 & #8: Earring Sets

Both £4.99 a set
I couldn't resist these little spends - I haven't brought earrings in a while as I stopped wearing them because I just grew bored of wearing the same ones. However, these offer a great deal of variety! I'm a sucker for bright colours at the moment so the set on the right drew me in straight away. The set on the left seemed perfect for wearing day to day too, such as to work, and with such a variety I (hopefully) won't get bored again!

Item #9: Coral Wrap Skort

This is my absolute favourite purchase from the haul! I have been after a skort for ages, and I could never really find one I thought would suit me...then I noticed this baby :D I'm so excited to wear this but I'm saving it for a special occasion (my birthday soon perhaps?). There's a baby blue crop top from new look aswell that I'm lusting after badly, that I think would go great with this...sigh, maybe in my next haul!

Item #10: Gold Wraparound Fingertip Ring

Again another impulse buy :) I'm not one for rings much, apart from my pandora rings, but I figured I should branch out and at least try and experiment! I've wanted to try a fingertip ring for a while now, and this one seemed perfect :)

I'm a very happy girl right now with all my purchases from New Look (even though I may have gone a little OTT). I can't wait to wear them all!

How about you guys? Any new purchases from New Look? Or any of the same items? Let me know!

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Alice Young said...

The heart print shirt is so adorable, and in love with the red playsuit, so cute! X


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