5 June 2014

Summer Book Swap 2014!

Hello everyone!

So this is just a little post to give you all an update on this fab new opportunity I'm taking part in! On one of my many treks through some of the amazing blogs I've come across, I stumbled onto Tiffany's blog 'Endless Bliss' which can be found here.
She was advertising something called the 'Summer Book Swap', and I was immediately intrigued. After all, now I've finished my degree, I've been eagerly anticipating spending my days reading! Right now I'm reading Stephen King's 'Gerald's Game', which I've been waiting FOREVER to read. 

Anyway, back to the conversation at hand...So the gist of the swap is basically that we put our names forward, and are then matched up randomly with another person. We spend a few weeks getting to know each other and what we're into, before swapping addresses and mailing each other a book we think the other would be interested in! The entire idea is amazing, and I can't thank the people involved enough for coming up with such a brilliant concept!

I've been partnered with Sara, who's blog you can find here. We've been speaking quite a bit now and she's lovely, and from Canada! It's so exciting that this concept has brought so many people together from across so many different countries. 

Keep tuned for my review of the book I receive!



Sara Blinder said...

I'm super excited too!

Myra Caballero said...

Sounds like a lot fun...sort of a literary pen pal! I would love to participate! Thanks for sharing

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