25 July 2014

Mega Birthday Haul!

Dinos Beauty Diary - Mega Birthday Haul

Hey everyone!

A while back (June 25th, to be exact...) I celebrated my 22nd birthday, which can be found here. I had a lovely time and got some fantastic things, making me feel very loved :) Some of the things I got were some shopping vouchers, *squeals in excitement*. So on a day when both me and my mum were off work, we headed into Derby (for a change) for some much needed retail therapy. 
WARNING: I brought quite a bit, so expect a lengthy post! 
Dinos Beauty Diary - Mega Birthday Haul

So thanks to my lovely housemates I had a card for Topshop, and my neighbours also got me a New Look gift card! On top of that, I had a voucher for River Island too which I'd had for forever but never got round to using. Armed with this all, we set off on the bus into Derby (Nottingham was getting a bit too samey and we fancied a change).

River Island

Dinos Beauty Diary - Mega Birthday Haul

High Waisted Grey Grunge Trousers
RRP £30.00
First up was River Island.
I've never really shopped at River Island before, and I have no idea why. Some of the stuff I saw in store was gorgeous, and I could honestly have spent a fortune in there! I had to seriously limit myself though, so the only thing I brought was these High Waisted trousers. Surprisingly the material is actually light and soft, which I wasn't expecting as they look more like jeans, so I was expecting them to be a bit on the heavy side.

Close up of the button detail & tie.

Large Green Tote

RRP £20.00 in the sale

The first thing that caught my eye in Topshop was this green tote. Both me and my mum are weak when it comes to handbags! Between us we probably have about 50+. So I couldn't resist, especially when I saw it was half price in the sale. Plus with my giftcard, I had enough to get this and have plenty leftover. Score!


L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly - Dark Blonde to Light Blonde, and Light Blonde to Very Light Blonde*

RRP £5.99 each

When we went into Boots these were actually on offer at £3.99 each rather than £5.99, hence why we got two. My hair is in a very inbetween phrase so I didn't know which one would be best, plus my mum has dark blonde hair and she wanted to give this a try too. So to be safe, we got one of each. I'm looking forward to using this and seeing if it actually works, it could save me a fortune on my hair if it does!

The Body Shop

Hair Chalk in 'Tickle Me Pink'

RRP £5.00

I've been wanting to mess about with my hair for ages, and actually went into town with the intention of getting the Bleach London colouring kit in Rosé. I wanted to do the tips of my hair pink, or if I was feeling particulary adventurous, all my hair. However Boots didn't have any (that I could see anyway), and upon visiting the Body Shop I noticed this. This is actually more ideal as the chalk is simple enough to wash out after every application, making it perfect for me with work. I can't wait to give this a try! :)

Dorothy Perkins

Long Beaded Necklaces
RRP £5.00 Each in the Sale
I love big necklaces at the moment, they can make any outfit stand out with a simple pop. And I couldn't resist when I saw these two in the sale at £5 each. I was originally just going to get one, but with how indecisive I am, I threw caution to the wind and decided to get both.

Navy Blue Checkered Playsuit
RRP £10.00 in the sale

I had actually been eyeing this up for a while in Dorothy Perkins, but had been indecisive in buying it. So when I saw it in the sale, and the last one in my size, I took it as a sign I was mean to have it. Can't wait to have an opportunity to wear this!

New Look

Wide Fit Blue Lace Up Trainers
RRP £7.99
My friend actually had a pair of these, and they went straight on my wishlist after I borrowed them and was suprised at how comfortable they were. And for only £7.99, it seemed quite a bargain to me!

Beige and Black Sandals
RRP £15.99
Got to admit here these were actually my mums purchase for her holidays. However as we're both the same size shoe (score) I informed her that I would be borrowing these too ;). I wish I had a holiday or something soon to go on!

Kelly Brook Effect Nails in Orange
RRP £3.99

This is an item that has long been on my wish list, but I never managed to buy. The colours always seemed beautiful to me, so when I finally convinced myself to get this one I was excited. Between buying and this post, I have actually attempted to use this twice (review to come), but all I can say is I sadly wasn't too impressed. :(

Baby Blue Crop Top

RRP £14.99

I first noticed this baby back in June when I did a different haul (which can be found here), thinking it would go perfect with my Coral skort. Now I just need an excuse to wear the two! Both the colours are gorgeous and just scream summer :)

Petite Blue Acid Wash Strappy Black Playsuit

RRP £24.99

Acid wash effect looks amazing don't you think? That's why I couldn't resist this little number, and adding it to my growing collection of playsuits! The fabric is light and cool, meaning it's perfect for the heatwave we've been having recently!


Star Wars PJ Set
RRP £8.00
Ahh you can never go wrong in Primani can you? I'll warn you now - in the next few items my inner nerd is going to completely come out, so I do apologise haha! Primark at the moment have a lot of cool stuff on sale, and I could seriously have purchased half the shop. I managed to limit myself somewhat, but still got a pretty big deal! These Star Wars PJ's are nice and soft, plus they're dedicated to one of my favorite film series... well, how could I resist?

Coca-Cola White Shirt
RRP £1.00 in the sale

This one I couldn't resist as it was only £1 in the sale. Ultimate bargain! It's football themed, so I think it was so cheap due to how bad we were in the World Cup...

Grey and Lime Workout Top

RRP £4.00

I'm always on the hunt for new gym gear, and this top immediately caught my eye. The material is quite loose and thin, making it perfect to build up a sweat at the gym!

Marvel Spiderman Vest Top & Girl Boxers
RRP £6.00
I have a major obsession with Spiderman which I'm not even going to attempt to hide. So when I saw this, I knew I had to have it. It has strips of the comic all over it, and the pictures of Spiderman or anything else that's red are the only bits coloured in in bright Pink. For only £6.00 I really can't complain!

Marvel Avengers Top
RRP £6.00
Again another comic themed item. Seriously, just stick anything comic related on a piece of clothing and I'll most likely buy it. I love my comics, so I knew I had to have this beauty.

Marvel 'I love Men in Uniform' Top
£RRP £3.00 in the sale

This top was actually reduced down to £3.00 and the only one in my size left (I seemed to be getting lucky like that!). I had to have this one just because... well, its true. Men in uniform = yum.

Marvel Themed Shorts
RRP £12.00
These are probably my favorite purchase of the day. So much so that I actually did a little squeal and dance when I saw them hanging there in the store. How cute are they though?! Extremely happy with this purchase!


TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Masque
RRP £2.99 each, Treatment Masque £3.99

These were actually on offer when I last went in Tesco, and down from their original price which is quite a bit higher. I've used the shampoo and conditioner sparingly before and thought it smelt divine, so I thought I might aswell stock up a bit whilst they're on offer!

Collection 2000 Base Coat & Collection 2000 Top Coat

RRP £3.00 each
I know I must have been breaking the first cardinal rule of manicures when I say I never used to use a base coat or a top coat. Feeling bored with my normal routine, I figured I might as well give them a go! Needless to say, they've become a staple of my manicure routine!

Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry Shower Gel

Radox Berry Burst Shower Gel
RRP £1.00 each

These were both on offer when I last went in too, and both smelt amazing. I couldn't decide which one I preferred more, so instead of choosing, I figured I'd stock up and get both. I'm a sucker for anything berry scented, or vanilla scented I swear.

Company Magazine & Cosmopolitan Magazine

RRP Company £2.60 & Cosmopolitan £3.70

What kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn't get at least one beauty magazine every month? Every month I get cosmo without fail, even if just to lust after the gorgeous items I can never normally afford. With Company, I couldn't resist as it was a summer fashion special. That, and there's an interview with the gorgeous Ashley Benson inside! She's one of my favorite actresses, so I knew I just had to read it.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
RRP Two for £7.00

After seeing TFIOS in the cinema, it was inevitable that I'd have to read the book. I haven't started reading it yet as the film made me cry buckets, so I'm a little scared as to what power the book will have!

With regards to 'Doctor Sleep', I had to get it purely for my Stephen King collection. That and it's the sequel to 'The Shining', so I can't wait to give this a read!

Nakd Cocoa Orange Bars

RRP £0.75 each, 4 for 3

In my attempt to be healthy and cut all junk out my diet, I knew my craving for chocolate would get the better of me eventually, so I figured I'd invest in these which would be at least a little bit healthier! Since purchasing these I've since ate them all (oops), and my feelings towards them are mixed. I think it's the lack of dairy in them that I didn't quite like, so I don't think I'll be purchasing these again sadly.

SIS Rego Protein Bar in Chocolate & Peanut Flavour

£1.99 each, 3 for 2

With how bad I can be with regards to food, I try to have a protein bar whenever I've been to the gym. These bars I've actually had before, and after sampling quite a few (which tasted gross) these are the only ones that were actually nice for me.

F&F Skinny Fit Pastel Jeans in Lilac and Mint
RRP £16.00 each
Pastel colours are seriously in at the moment, and I'll raise my hand and admit that I was one of those people who thought coloured jeans were a no-no. But seeing these eye catching colours, I couldn't help but backtrack. So cute!

F&F Purple Tie-Back Dress
RRP £7.00 in the sale

This was just an impulse purchase really, but I figured it would be great for simple lazy days during the Summer :)

F&F Blue Patterned Playsuit

RRP £10.00 in the sale

Yet again another playsuit, oops! Again another item I'd actually had my eye on for a while, and I was waiting for it to go down in the sale. Managed to find the last one in my size too. Coincidence? I think not ;)

So that's my haul. Congratulations if you've made it this far ;) So which item do you like the best? Let me know!



Jessica said...

Omg girl you got so much stuff! haha I really like the spiderman top and boxers, super cute!


Emmajane. said...

Ooh the hair chalk looks interesting! X

If you're interested I just put up a post of my ootd and meeting Pixiwoo! -check it out!


Emma Dean said...

Shopping is my kryptonite! Especially if they have spiderman stuff :P xo

Emma Dean said...

Thanks, giving it a go soon!
I'll head over to your block now and check it out :) xo

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