A Night out in Nottingham...

Morning everyone!

Recently it was my lovely boyfriend Liam's 23rd birthday, and to celebrate we headed on into Nottingham for a night out. A few of his friends came out (I was ridiculously nervous as I hadn't met any of them before), and also Carrie as we were both too busy at work to really see each other!

Night out In Nottingham - Dino's Beauty Diary

How cute are we?!
Anyways, outfitwise I went for a cute blue playsuit I happened upon in the Topshop sale. Normally I never bother with the Topshop sale...there's normally too many girls fighting to get in and look at the rails and it's just way too much effort for me! Haha. This immediately caught my eye and it was in my size, so I took it as a sign and immediately took back the outfit I'd just brought (I know). It's really flattering on, especially around the top! Round the shorts aswell theres an extra layer over them making it look a bit more floaty and like a dress. My only complaint was the shorts felt...well, a little short for my liking! Thankfully with the extra layer over the top it was a bit more modest!
Accessories-wise I kept it neutral (the place we were going to wasn't exactly too dressy), and just used a simple black clutch from River Island and strappy black heels from Dorothy Perkins.

Night out In Nottingham - Dino's Beauty Diary

I apologise that this photo isn't that clear, but by this point we were both pretty much past the point of drunk I'm afraid! Never again ughh.
With my makeup, I went for a simple smokey eye look and also used my new They're Real! Push up Liner along with the mascara. Let me just say now that the two of them combined is just AMAZING. A review will come soon :)
For the rest of my makeup I used Benefit's POREfessional all over my face (my pores irritate me so this beauty was perfect) followed by some new tricks with my Ted Baker Bronzer and No7 highlighter for contouring. On top of that I used Benefit's 'Gimme Brow' to thicken my eyebrows up a little more before applying a simple gloss across my lips.
With regards to my hair, it's just getting to that length now where I really can't be bothered to do much with it! Instead I just put a few curls through it and used my fingers to ruffle it up a bit more. It got a lot messier throughout the night, trust me!

Night out In Nottingham - Dino's Beauty Diary
Courtesy of Cookie Shake
Club-wise, we went to A LOT of places in Nottingham. And I mean a lot. As a student, I was used to pre-drinking as much as humanely possible at home before heading out (maybe to one bar first) to the club at about 11/12! However, this time we left at 7.30 and went to a local pub in my hometown to meet up with everyone else. I'll tell you now aswell, it was bizarre being in a pub in all my going out gear, whilst families are sat around having a meal. I felt so on show that I immediately started on a beer! After a few drinks we headed into town with the intention of going to a bar called 'Cucamaras' only to find it was closed (maybe even shut down?). If anyone has any info on this please give me a shout.

Instead we headed on over to Bluebells *shudder*. Any student in Nottingham will know Bluebells is the place to go if you want cheap alcohol. And by cheap, I mean £1 glasses of wine. Yeah...

Next up was Cookie Lounge. Now I've never actually been in here before, but it's going on my list of places to hit up on a night out! By day its just a shop where you can get milkshakes in a variety of flavours (think your favourite sweet, Creme Egg is my personal favourite), but by night it transforms into a little bar where they do alcoholic shots of all different flavours. Steering away from the chocolate, I went for the Skittles flavour. It tasted exactly like Skittles to the point where I could gladly have drank that all night.

Eventually we left and headed on over to Baa Bar which is a similar kind of place and where we finally met up with Carrie. Needless to say by this point, I was already a little tipsy. Inside, they have these concoctions of drinks which I can't even describe. They just look like this:

Night out In Nottingham - Dino's Beauty Diary
Courtesy of  Baa Bar
All I could taste was tequila, and I absolutely hate tequila. Blergh. Next up was another student place: The Horn in Hand. Being around the corner from 3 of the main clubs in Nottingham, it's normally quite busy, but oddly enough it was quite chilled by the time we got there. I don't actually recall much from being there I must admit...

Night out In Nottingham - Dino's Beauty Diary
Courtesy of Rock City
Oh Rock City, you never fail to disappoint. Since starting my job I've hardly ever been out on Saturdays due to working late and then early on a Sunday. Thankfully I'd booked the weekend off in order to spend some time with the other half.

Rock City never disappoints as they always play the music I like, whether it be older rock or newer pop tunes. There's 3 different rooms so you can just switch between them whenever you feel like it, and with drink offers on all the time you can never go wrong. It's not much of a dressy place, but you can go either end of the spectrum really! There has been a few nights where I've actually just worn jeans and converse, its just that chilled. 

Night out In Nottingham - Dino's Beauty Diary

Night out In Nottingham - Dino's Beauty Diary

There it is, a first night out in Nottingham in a long time! And I couldn't have imagined a better reason for it. Happy Birthday Liam, hope you had a great time!

How about you? Have you been out in Nottingham? Where's your favourite place to go?


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great night out! I usually for a cocktail in the Saltwater in the corner house, then head over to Rescue Rooms for tea pot shots. And ALWAYS end up at Hey Hey Hey. Love a bit of City times!

Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

Unknown said...

I wouldn't be surprised if cucamara is closed down. Last time I went it was practically empty.
Baabar is so my place! We often go there at the start of the night with intentions of going to a club later then end up staying the whole night.
Nottingham nights out are the best :')
I love your outfit btw