Models Own Haul - #6for20

I am a complete sucker for a painted nail. My mum often makes fun of me for having a huge shelf overflowing with nail polishes. And my boyfriend pretty much has to drag me away from them when we go into town.

That being said, I couldn't resist when I saw Models Own tweeting about their offer - #6for20. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to increase my collections of Models Own polishes after receiving one in my July Birchbox. And for only £20 for 6 it seemed like a bargain to me.

When I received my box through the post I was super excited. I mean, look at that packaging! How cute is that? I had to force myself to be gentle with it instead of ripping through the paper and bubble wrap like a wild animal.

 Speckled Eggs - 'Magpie Green'
RRP £4.99
Fresh for Spring/Summer 2014, these very wearable, cute pastel hues are inspired by ornate bird eggshells, giving a gorgeous speckled finish.
When I first saw the offer was on all the nail polishes, I knew this little beauty would be my first choice. A while back now I'd seen someone tweet their manicure using this, and boy did it look good. 

'Hot Pink'
RRP £4.99
No ordinary pinks - stand out from the crowd!
In my opinion, a girl can never have too many pink nail polishes! The website honestly had SO many pinks it was initially hard to decide which shade to go for. Finally I decided upon this one - I have plenty of pale pinks and deep pinks, but never really a bright one.

'Turquoise Gloss' Hypergel
RRP £4.99
Hypergel! Mega-shine shades that are highly pigmented. Enriched with lotus flower oil, the gel-like finish gives the professional shine of a salon manicure.
I was immediately drawn to the 'Hypergel' line because of the promise of a 'professional shine' like you would get when you have a manicure. The tops of the bottles are apparently shaded like it would appear on your nails, showing how pigmented they are and how flawless it would look. I can't wait to try this one out and see if it lives up to my expectations!

Artstix Nail Polish Duo - 'Utopia Ocean'
RRP £5.99
We've coordinated our best selling polish colours and most popular nail effects and created 12 electrifying combinations that amplify your manicure with a combined colour base coat and special effect top coat!
I was intrigued when I first saw this as I initially wouldn't have thought to put these two polishes together. It seemed to have got the better of me and I figured I must see for myself! The 'Paint It' colour seems perfect for the upcoming Autumn, and the 'Cover It' should hopefully add a nice effect on top. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Matt Top Coat
RRP £4.99
Completely revitalise your nail polish collection with our NEW essential matt top coat. Apply one coat over any nail polish to instantly transform your manicure into an amazing on-trend, smooth matt effect finish.
One thing that seems to have been trending a lot recently is 'Matt'. And I mean matt everything - lips, nails, you name it! Having only ever had glossy nails, this purchase was a no-brainer. I could have purchased individual matt polishes, but the fact that this promises to convert any polish to matt sold me - it seemed like the cheaper and better alternative!

 Nail Art Pen in Silver
RRP £5.99
Models Own have joined forces with ultra-cool London nail salon WAH to create a brand new collection of nail art pens. Each nail art pen has a duo application system consisting of a thin nib for intricate art work along with a long thin brush to add strokes and lines. 
I've wanted to try my hand at nail art for so long, but have also been so scared of messing it up (one hand is always better than the other, lets face it). But this little bottle looked too cute for me to resist. Now all I need is for my wrist to heal (stupid fracture) so I can show off my creativity (or lack thereof!).

I absolutely love my purchases! Did you get anything in the #6for20 deal? Or do you have a favourite Models Own polish? Be sure to let me know!


German Girl in London said...

The packaging looks absolutely amazing. I never tried Models Own nail polishes despite owning a few, really need to though.

Jessica at ThePyreflies said...

All are very pretty colors but the Hot Pink one is my favorite!