27 September 2014


What's that I hear? A blogger meet? And in Nottingham no less?

Well that's right! It seems recently I've got the blogger event bug - I absolutely love meeting new and likeminded people. So often I converse with other bloggers via the internet, but it's actually nice to meet face to face.

That being said, myself and the lovely Hannah had to chance to meet at the #NorthernBloggerMeetUp, and since then our heads have been filled with ideas about creating our own event. And viola! #BloggersSecretSanta14 was born.

So far we have had overwhelming interest on twitter - thank you so much to everyone! We now have a list of 30 (yes 30 bloggers!! eek!!), which was filled pretty fast. We advertised our event on Sunday evening, and by that night we had 20 names already on the list. Thank you all so much, and we hope we can create a memorable event for you all.

We have a venue in the works, so keep tuned for more information! We've been to view the venue recently and it's perfect - keep your eyes peeled for a following post to come soon! We also now have a confirmed date for you all! It's the 15th November - Keep this date in your diaries girls! 

We're making it Christmas themed for the run up to the holidays, so you know what this means - SECRET SANTA! (Well, hence the name really!). We thought this would add a nice little twist on the usual blogger events, and really get people out of their shells and socialise more. For this I'd recommend once we send you who you've got for your secret santa, you do a bit of research (their blogs, twitters etc) to make sure you know what to get them! We will be talking to you all soon to set a budget too :) If you'd rather not take part in the Secret Santa, please let us know ASAP - it would be really nice to get people socialising and the limit won't be sky high so there is no need to worry, but as I said, if you're uncomfortable with this or don't want to participate in this aspect, just drop me an email :)

So far we have a brand coming to do a talk, and believe me you won't be disappointed! Keep tuned to hear more on this - We will be revealing all closer to the time don't you worry :) 

We honestly can't thank you enough for all your support and enthusiasm about this event, it really means a lot to us! Right now the list is full, but if you want to be put on the reserve list as I'm sure some places will become available, drop me or Hannah an email (listed below). We look forward to seeing you all on the 15th Nov!

Contact me via:
Twitter or Email: dinosbeautydiary@gmail.com

Contact Hannah via:
Twitter or Email: hannerking@hotmail.com



Rachel White said...

Hey It's Rachel! Add me on the reserve list! ;) haha! Sounds like a lot of fun!! xx

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

You're added :D Hope you'll be able to come! xx

Shannon P said...

Ahh so sad I missed the chance to come to this! it's rare I see blogging events where I live! Hopefully there will be another one soon :) x

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

Heya hun! This event is actually happening on the 15th November in Nottingham! I can add you to the reserve list if you like? x

Shannon P said...

Oh silly me I must have read it wrong! haha, oh that would be lovely :) would it be rude of me to ask for my friend Becca at xbeccabe.blogspot.co.uk to be added too? It would be nice to meet some fellow bloggers xx

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

Nope of course not, that's totally fine! I've added you both to the reserves list so if a space comes up I'll email you both individually :) xx

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