A while back, I had the pleasure to start talking to Gemma and Leah on twitter, and was invited to my first ever bloggers event at Crabtree & Evelyn. When I met them I was very kindly invited to a blogger event they were organising - which came to be the #NottsMeetSep14.

Soon Saturday 20th September came around, and before I knew it I was getting ready to hop onto the bus into town and meet up with similar bloggers from around Nottingham. I had been excited for the event for ages, and couldn't wait for it to take place.

After applying my make-up (to the best of my abilities with my fractured wrist), I'd hopped on to the bus to Nottingham and was on my way to the venue, Sobar.
Picture taken from Google.
For anyone who doesn't know, Sobar is a new bar/restaurant with an added twist; it only serves alcohol-free drinks. 'Sobar' = 'Sober', get it? It didn't click for me until about half way through the event. I'm a bit slow :P. It's actually easy to find (situated just across the road from walkabout), which is bizarre as I can't say I've ever seen it before!

I was first to arrive at the venue, and gladly saw Gemma and Leah waiting for us all in a small sectioned off area. People soon started arriving and soon the place was buzzing with chatter as the food was delivered. I sat with Gemma, Hannah who I'd met before at the Crabtree & Evelyn event, and Charley who was absolutely lovely.

I went simple and decided on the Margherita pizza, thinking it would come already sliced and I wouldn't have to attempt to cut it myself. I was so wrong, but somehow managed to cut it one handed. Score!

After we had finished we all spoke a bit more whilst Gemma and Leah headed upstairs to make sure everything was set up. Eventually we all made our way upstairs and were greeted by Suzie from Xenca. I was vaguely familiar with the brand before the meet due to the #NorthernBloggerMeetUp, as we had generously received products in our gift bags.

Suzie was honestly one of the most passionate people I have ever met when it comes to talking about their products. Not only was she passionate about the products, but she also told us how they had helped her, and it was quite moving. Because of her passion, I honestly felt like I learned so much about the brand and should think twice about the type of products I use.

Soon the products came out for us all to sample and play with! We all got to try the collagen powder, which I have to admit I'm interested in! All I knew of collagen before was that it was to help with ageing - but did you know it helps with a number of things like faster recovery from injuries? 

The make-up was also one of my favourite things to play with, as you can probably tell:

We were also very nicely given the chance to try out the 'Five a Day' supplement, which I personally can't wait to buy! I struggle so much with getting my 5 a day in a week really, so this seems like a perfect solution for me!

It can be taken in both capsules and a powder, and we were given a small amount to try mixed in with orange juice at first. Although it looks a bit questionable, I am happy to report that there's barely any difference in taste! Next up we were given it to try in just water, which I have to say you could taste it a bit more. I'll definitely have to get used to it I guess!

Overall the talk was very informative and insightful - payday can't come quick enough now for me to get a few products! Suzie was even generous enough to surprise us all with a treat - asking us all which eyeshadow or lipstick/lipgloss we preferred, she gave us each our favourite. Thank you Suzie!

Leah even passed around some marshmallows she had got - they are quite possibly the best marshmallows I have ever tasted! Thanks Leah :)

Leah and Gemma had also thoughtfully organised a tombola, where the money raised went to a charity called School for Parents. I was lucky enough to recieve two prizes - two sets of cake pops from 'We are Delish'! (I'll tell you now - they taste AMAZING and have gone before writing this post...oops).

My gorgeous namebadge!
Upon receiving the gift bags, I was amazed at the personalized bag provided by The Blogger Programme! It was so cute and had the '#NottsMeetSep14' printed on it!
The other things I received are:
Sweet Cecily's 'Make Your Own Lipbalm Kit' in Orange - I love crafty little things like this! - Handirest kindly gifted us all with a pad which will greatly help me when I do my nails! - Skinetica - Anti-Blemish toner- Dr Bronner - All in one soap in orange (it smells fantastic!)  - Urban Veda Facial Wash and Polish- Speick Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap and Shower Gel- Manuka Doctor Face Mask, Age-Defying Serum and Restoring Night Cream
- Lulu & Boo - Organic Seaweed Purifying Mask
- Lavera - All-Round Cream, Balance Creme and Colour Correction
- Oqibo - Skin Refining Exfoliator, Intense Moisture Defence, Hydra Restore Cream, Purifying Cleanser & Toner
- Harlequin Cosmetics - Lipbalm and 'The Sweetest Thing' Handmade soap
- Playboy Cosmetics - 'Perfect Kiss' Lipstick in 'Centerfold Pink'
- Benefit - The Porefessional 3ml
- Crabtree & Evelyn - Avocado Skin Revitalising Body Lotion
- Resultime - Regenerating Collagen Gel
- Healgel - Face 'Firm, Replenish, Smooth' Advanced Anti-Ageing Rescue Formula
- Femfresh wipes and Organic feminine hygeine
- Red Cherry - 100% Human Hair Eyelashes
- Metique - Hygenic Skin Wash & Hand and Body Antiseptic Lotion 
- Nanshy - Blending Brush
- The Drama Llama - A beautiful piece of fused glass
- Teapigs - 'Chamomile Flowers' teabag
- Kiss Air Candles - Almond Macaroon Melt
- Lylia Rose - A gorgeous Necklace
- + A collection of vouchers for various websites!

My favourite item probably has to be this gorgeous House of Wonderland personalised necklace! It's even personalised to the colours of my blog which I absolutely love!

I had a fantastic time at the meet, so thank you so much Gemma and Leah for all your hard work and organisation! 

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