Prada 'Candy' Eau De Parfum Review


Today I have a different review post for you all - my first perfume review! Not that long ago I ran out of my usual perfume, and decided to go for something a bit different. Wandering around the perfume counters in debenhams, I must have tried at least 20 different perfumes (and my boyfriend thought it would be funny to spritz me with loads of different scents). Eventually I happened across Prada 'Candy' (and brought it in Boots as it was slightly cheaper).

Prada Candy is instantly seductive - pure pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm. In an explosion of shocking pink and gold, Prada Candy takes us on a walk on the wild side, showing us a new facet of Prada femininity where more is more and excess is everything. Taking extremity as a starting point for new ideas, Prada Candy evolved from a desire to push things to the maximum, to create totally new, unexpected and optimistic concepts. Prada Candy declares that there is no better time than now to be daring and passionate about life.
The pure indulgence and enjoyment of Prada Candy lies in its excess. Prada Candy is a fragrance with a novel olfactory balance combining exceptionally high-quality ingredients in excessive proportions. Magnified by White Musks, noble Benzoin comes together with a modern Caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature.

As soon as I'd sprayed this perfume I knew it was the one for me. It smells divine. The first thing that hit me was an undertone of vanilla, and I'm seriously a sucker for anything vanilla scented. Added on to that is the tones of caramel and we're seriously onto a winner here. 

Initially when I first saw the name 'Candy' I was a bit hesitant; afterall, who wants to walk around smelling like they've just overloaded on junk food at a sweet shop? But after a spritz of this I realised there was nothing to worry about - it wasn't anything I'd normally associate with candy! Rather the name comes from the muskiness of the Caramel and white musk mixture. It's a truly hypnotic scent and after I'd used it I couldn't stop sniffing at my wrist (weirdo alert). With autumn now upon us, I'd say that this is the perfect scent throughout the next few months.

The packaging is stunning too. In a clear bottle with pink, gold and black decorating, it's simplistic and cute. It oozes classic sophistication. Added to this, at the time of purchase Boots had an offer on. If you purchased any of the perfumes from the 'Candy' range, you got a free candle!

The candle is too cute, seriously. Like the bottle it's simplistic, and the scent does most of the work. It smells similar to the perfume, if not a little sweeter. I'm too paranoid about lighting it because I don't want to use it all up! Right now it's making a cute display with my Yankee candle by my TV :)

At £57.50 for 50ml it is quite steep for my budget, but in my eyes the investment was worth it. It has quite long staying power, although I have seen reviews on other sites that say otherwise. At the moment as I'm pretty much just working, I'm saving this for more special occasions so that it just seems a bit more unique. Overall I'm thoroughly impressed, and would give this perfume a 4.5/5.

How about you? Have you tried this perfume, or any other Prada perfume before? Or do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know!


Juliana Grace said...

Great post! Might need to try it out! Love your blog! I am a follower now!

Juliana Grace |

Fifi said...

I love Prada candy - it's one of my favourite! Great post too! x