9 October 2014

AuraLDN Exclusive Preview!

Time for some serious bling here on DBD! :)

Recently on twitter, I had the good luck to happen upon a new fashion jewellery brand called AuraLDN and was offered an exclusive insight into their new launch! So I'm very excited to bring you all this post featuring some of their upcoming pieces!

Aura are a online, London based jewellery boutique with a love for emphasising 'statement bling', and all the pieces reflect the various styles seen around London. The brand aims to capture all the spirit of London, and has even named their pieces after the iconic places scattered around the capital.

These pieces ooze style and beauty, and would instantly glam up any outfit! The brand is aimed at girls with a unique style and individuality, who love creating their own statement outfits to express themselves. The aim of the jewellery is for the wearer to bring her own individuality to life through the pieces, creating a style that is exclusive to the 'Aura girl'.

 For me, recently I've been sticking with quite a simplistic style (hence the lack of OOTD posts, oops...). This is mainly because I'm either a) ridiculously lazy and can never be bothered to make myself look halfway decent most of the time or b) got out of bed at the last possible minute and just threw something on.

Although I'm pleased to say with these gorgeous pieces, they would give any outfit an instant 'oompfh'! This one particularly appeals to me as I love the spiked parts, I'm already planning in my head what I'd wear this with! Personally I think it would look stunning combined with a black dress (next night out anyone?).

 It seems like I have serious spike fever at the moment because these two are stunning! I love silver jewellery and these two are no exception. Although I can't help but fear I'd injure either myself or my boyfriend wearing these; we're both quite accident prone so adding something sharp to the mix might not be the best idea...

 Once this website has launched I can seriously see myself spending my next months pay all in one go. I can't honestly choose which one I prefer out of these two. The one on the left looks more like my kind of thing, but I can't help but think the one on the right is so unique. I've never seen anything like it before!

Altogether, if I had to sum up the collection in one word, I'd have to go with stunning. I can't wait to see it launch tomorrow! Can you guess which pieces are named after which iconic landmarks?

Currently the brand only ships within the UK, but they are planning an international launch soon so keep your eyes peeled! 

The website is due to be launched tomorrow (10th October), and you can find it here


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