Autumn Beauty Haul #2

I seriously need to inflict a shopping ban on myself. But I just can't help it - I see so many nice things when I'm trying my hardest to curb my spending. Especially in TK Maxx (which I have just recently discovered do amazing beauty brands at really low prices). Sooner or later I can see myself like Isla Fisher in 'Confessions of a shopaholic' in being sent to shopaholics anonymous! But for now whilst I keep spending, I may aswell show you what I have...

At the moment no shopping trip is complete without a visit to Lush. I absolutely love this Ice Blue Soap (£3.10/100g) at the moment - it smells minty and really refreshing - just what I need in the mornings to wake me up. The Sweetie Pie (£6.95/240g) smells absolutely amazing - think fruity scents which smell fantastic. I've never used shower jelly before so I'm intrigued to use this - it looks like so  much fun!

I've never actually used any ELF products before, but when I saw these amazing palettes in TK Maxx for £3.99 each, I knew I had to make them mine! Online they're £8.00 each, so I knew I was on to a bargain. I absolutely adore palettes, and these are no exception. With 48 shades in each palette, it works out at around 8p a shade. 8p a shade - BARGAIN! The colours are gorgeous and I can't wait to play around with them and see what looks I can get with them!

The Models Own nail polish was also from TK Maxx, priced at £2.99. It's a cute pink colour - although it's not really the season for it at the moment, I think it'd be gorgeous around Spring/Summer.

These colours from OPI however are more suited to the season. The 'Push and Shove' duet its a beautiful shimmering silver colour, with a small bottle of top coat to create a mirror like finish. Apparently it's only intended for one nights wear, but I'll see about that! The second shade is called 'Next stop...the bikini zone', and is a gold colour with a purple reflect in the light. Interesting!

Both of these were in the sale in my local John Lewis, priced at £6 each. Bargain really if you think about it - normally OPI products are around £12 each!

On the way back to the car, me and my boyfriend both noticed this new shop opened in Nottingham called 'The Treat Kitchen'. Intrigued we headed inside, and oh my was I excited. Walls were lined with all sorts of treats, and it was so hard to pick what to go for.

In the end, we decided on; Amazing Aniseed Rock (for me), Scrumptious Strawberry Cheesecake (for Liam), Luxury Lemon Meringue (for my mum) and Amazing Aniseed Twists (for my dad). They were all delicious (and since this photo has been taken, all gone) and next time I'm in Nottingham I'm headed back for more.

Altogether, I think I did quite well shopping! Afterall, most of the stuff I brought was reduced or in the sale. That's totally fine...right?

Have you brought anything new recently? Or used any of the products I got? Let me know in the comments below! :)


CAT said...

The beauty book cool edition looks awesome and so does the OPI nail laquers! I love the colours <3

CAT xo

What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

Jessica ThePyreflies said...

Woah, I want the gold polish with the purple! That sounds super cool!

I have bought those ELF palettes before and I really liked them, I hope you do too! :)


Emma said...

That lush soap bar looks really nice! I'm in need of a lush shop soon!

You should check out the Zoella Beauty giveaway I'm holding over on my blog! xxxx

Megan Jane said...

I love the look of the Lush soap and it sounds lovely! I find the soaps last so long as well! xo

Lola Spooks said...

Love sweetie pie! Wish I could eat it (like I do the bubblegum lip scrub) I mean urm what ;)

Lou |

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

It's just opposite where the old HMV used to be near the square, if you know where I mean! xo

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

I know, for such a small price for 48 colours I just couldn't resist! xo

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

They're stunning, I can't wait to review them when I finally get to use them! xo

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

I think the gold one is my favourite too :') Ahh thanks, I absolutely love them!

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

It smells fantastic, it's so refreshing and really wakes you up!
Thanks, I'll check it out now :D xo

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

Me too! I've been using it every time and I still have loads left! xo

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

haha me too, it smells amazing! I always do that with the lip scrub, I'm terrible for it but it just smells so good! xo

Siân Marie said...

Yeah I know where you mean, thanks :)


lauren said...

wow, those elf palettes are gorgeous, and such a bargain! I love the Lush shower jelly too, it smells amazing!
Lauren x