Birchbox | October 'Work It!'

You know what time it is. That time of the month where every beauty blogger with a birchbox subscription is either sat on the stairs or pacing around in the hallway waiting for that special delivery. Each month I get an email stating my birchbox is on its way, and until it come's I'm forever asking my mum 'have I got a parcel yet?'.

Thankfully it arrived over the weekend, but since I've been working I've been a little delayed in writing this up. Sorry!

This months box is called 'Work It!' and contains a lovely baby pink bag which would be perfect for storing your on the go makeup in! As October is breast cancer awareness month, birchbox have paired with 'Coppafeel!' in order to inform us of all the early signs and symptoms we should be looking out for.

This is such a brilliant way to bring awareness to younger generations about breast cancer - did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime? It's a scary thought.

The fact that birchbox are actively trying to promote awareness about breast cancer means so much to me - a couple of years ago, someone very close to me in my family was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a hard time, and thinking back on it now still brings tears to my eyes. Thankfully after a mastectomy she was given the all clear, but not long afterwards I had my own scare. After check ups at the doctors and the hospital I was too given the all clear - but told I have to keep on top of it with regular checks. It's something I still do to this day as I never want to go through that horror again.

Anyway, lets change the topic before I start to well up again shall we?

Cattier Pink Clay Face Mask - 2 x 12.5ml
RRP £4.25 - 100ml
Perfect for a little 'you time', this clay mask is enriched with shea butter and peppermint which restore, refresh and nourish your skin. Clay is full of natural goodness that can benefit even the most sensitive skin, including micro-nutrients that will leave your complexion looking radiant. This mask is formulated for those with reactive skin, so you can be sure that any skin type will stay calm and soothed.

I've actually heard of Cattier before, hooray! In my opinion, a girl can never have enough face masks. Recently I've been loving Lush face masks, so I'm looking forward to seeing if the Cattier face masks work as well as Lush ones do.

Lollipops Nail Lacquer
RRP £7
A classic red nail polish for work and weekend from this chic, fun Parisian brand.

As soon as I pulled this out the bag, both my mum and my boyfriend piped up with 'oh because you don't have enough nail polishes already.' No mum. No Liam. I don't. 100+ is not enough in my opinion! This shade is a gorgeous red, and is actually darker than it looks in the picture. I can't wait until my wrist is a little better so I can use this baby!

Shaveworks The Cool Fix - 29ml
RRP £11 
Pesky bumps, redness and irritation are an annoying side effect of shaving and waxing. Introducing: The Cool Fix, a cult formula containing a moisturising medicalm complex that immediately soothes irritated skin. The cooling, tingly gel is packed with natural exfoliators - think glycolic and salicylic acid - to remove dead skin that cause infrown hairs and can lead to infections. Plus the gel formula isn't too liquidy, which makes it easy to apply - and the packaging looks way too cute to serve such an important function.

Redness and bumps is something I suffer with a lot after shaving - I think I'm too impatient to do it gently, so most of the time I end up pretty much butchering my legs. So this product is perfect for me. I'm imagining it to be like aloe vera after sun gel when you've been in the sun too long - having a nice cooling and soothing effect.

Pixi by Petra - Shea Butter Lip Balm
RRP £8
A full size nourishing lip balm packed with shea butter - plus a hint of colour.

This smells fantastic! Honestly I could just eat the entire stick in one go..but I won't, don't worry. The packaging on this is super elegant and cute, and I love the green/nude contrast. My only problem with this is the colour - when I applied it I just didn't think it suited me that well. Maybe I applied too much? Who knows, but I'll definitely be giving it a second try. It just smells too good not to!

KMS California TAME FRIZZ Taming Creme - 50ml
RRP £15 - 125ml
When your hair looks good, you feel good - and KMS California's range of products takes the stress out of hair styling. This cream helps control hard-to-tame frizz and any flyaways, as well as adding definition to your 'do and style manageability. Humidity won't affect your style when you use this, plus is provides all-important heat protection for styling with hot tools.

This little bottle looks so cute to me, and I can't say I've heard of the brand before. The creme feels light and not sticky at all, and smells quite yummy although I can't place what it smells like. I suffer with frizz quite a bit (depending on how annoying my hair wants to be each day), so hopefully this product will help tame it. Seriously, it's mainly around the top of my fringe and I have no idea how to get rid of it. Does anyone else get this problem?!

Birchbox Pink Lipstick Pen

This months lifestyle extra is a little pink pen in the shape of lipstick! Now I will admit, when I first pulled this out of the bag I had to do a double take, it looks quite rude! Or is that just me and my dirty mind? Haha!

This months birchbox was so cute, and informative! I'm so thankful to them for raising awareness about breast cancer. Thank you birchbox!


Alex Quinn said...

I love getting beauty boxes every month - little surprise present to yourself! Haha.

Jessica ThePyreflies said...

Lol I think we just have dirty minds because that pen does look a little funny... lol It's a very pretty color though... I wish I had a lipstick pen! Looks like such a great box :)


Dino's Beauty Diary said...

I know right! I'm so glad I'm not on my own in thinking it looks dirty hahah xx

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

Exactly, and its a great way to get to know new brands! xo