2 November 2014

TV Review | The Walking Dead S05E03: 'Four Walls and a Roof'

First of all I want to apologise for this post being ridiculously late - someone close to me is really ill at the moment and I've been visiting them recently, so some of my posts are a bit behind schedule. That being said, lets jump into my review of Season 5's 'Four Walls and a Roof'.

Last week we were given a shocking final scene of Gareth and the rest of the Terminus survivors having a Bob-eque. Haha see what I did there? Anyway, a lot of people theorised that Bob had been bitten by a walker, and that the cannibals would soon have a problem on their hands.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for 'Four Walls and a Roof'.
If you haven't watched it yet, I advise against reading ahead.

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As the episode starts we're greeted with contrasting shots of walkers, and Gareth and co. chowing down on cooked Bob meat. They seem to be holed up in some kind of building with walkers desperate to get in, with Gareth casually remarking the glass will break. He even eventually goes on to tell Bob that one of his men saw Carol and Daryl rush off, before stating that he's eventually going to get all of 'them'. He even adds that women taste better because of a layer of fat they have for childbirth, nice. Bob eventually goes into full meltdown mode before remarking that he is 'tainted meat' as he's been bitten, causing them all to throw up. What an opening!

Sasha is desperately looking for Bob before she realises some trees have been marked, that they're being watched. She eventually confronts Gabriel about what's happened, remarking that 'three of us are gone'. Hate to correct you there Sasha, but don't you mean four? It's honestly like Beth never existed to this lot.

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Rick eventually brings up the 'You'll burn for this' etched into the wall, breaking Gabriel down to tears. He tearfully explains that he always locks the doors at night, and that his congregation wanted a safe place when the outbreak started - he left them all to their fate rather than help them. If they were killed quickly as Gabriel made out, how would they have had the time to scratch that into the wall? Gabriel even believes the arrival of Rick's group is a sign that he's 'damned' and being punished by God.

Noises outside alert them to Bob having been dumped on the ground, where the group immediately notice his missing leg. Moving inside, we see a quick glance of the wall marked with an 'A'. As my boyfriend pointed out to me, back in Terminus they were separated into containers marked A,B,C and D - the 'A' seems to be a subtle nod to this and to try and scare Rick's group.

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Bob immediately informs them what went on with Gareth, and what happened to Carol and Daryl, before tearfully informing Sasha he was bit at the food bank. Rick is eager to go after the people that did this, but Abraham is eager to extract Eugene from a dangerous situation and soon comes to blows with Rick. Tara offers a quick solution, stating that if they all help she will go with them to D.C. in the morning - yet Abraham is wants Glenn and Maggie to go along too. After Rick and Abraham pretty much resort to physical violence, Glenn agrees to go to D.C. if they resolve the situation with Terminus straight away.

Bob is still trying to play the upbeat game with Sasha, hopelessly trying to keep her looking on the positive side whilst she tries to hold it all together. Back to Rick and the rest of the group, and Rick asks Tyreese if he's 'up for this' before Sasha states she wants a part of it in revenge for what they did to Bob. Tyreese tells her she needs to forgive them for hurting Bob, which she bitterly rebuffs. I don't blame her in all honesty! She leaves him with a knife and instructions to make sure Bob doesn't become a walker.

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The group eventually leave into the woods, off to exact their revenge on the Terminus gang before another group emerges from the woods and towards the church. Of course it would be Gareth and his group, ready to attack once the main fighters of the group have left the scene. Easily forcing their way into the church, we eventually see shots of the remainders of the group hiding out in Gabriels office/room. Gareth's speech telling them to come out is spooky enough to send chills down anyones spine, with him telling them he knows exactly who's left as he's been watching them. Martin is also confirmed as one of the gang, proving that Tyreese was unable to kill him the last time they met.

Judith's cries give away their position, to which Gareth remarks that he may keep her afterall. Silenced gunshots take down two of Gareth's men and even manage to get him in the hand aswell, proving that Rick's group is not to be messed with. They doubled back on the church, effectively surrounding Gareth's group. Gareth states that there is no point in begging, before stating that Rick and everyone did not shoot them when they had the chace. Rick coldly replies that they 'didn't want to waste the bullets', before Gareth states that if they leave they will never cross paths again. Rick seems to accept this, before coldly attacking him with a machete as the rest of the group do the same with the other captives. The entire scene is brutal and shocking, and easily has to be one of the worst in TWD history.

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Finally the scene fans have been waiting for - Michonne is reunited with her sword. Hallelujah, at least somethings going right! Gabriel looks disgusted at the bloody scene that unfolded in his church, stating that it is 'the Lord's house', to which Maggie coldly replies it's just 'Four Walls and a Roof.' I see what you did there.

The group gather to say their final goodbyes to Bob, and it's an emotional one. I'd really grown to like Bob, and I'm gutted that he had to die. I guess anyones expendable in TWD universe. He eventually passes away after Sasha asks what the 'good is that happens out of this bad', leaving her in tears and without an answer. Tyreese eventually has the job of stopping Bob from turning, and I have to say it's a much more dignified and peaceful way than some of the other characters have gone out.

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Abraham gives Rick a copy of the route they'll be taking to DC, asking them to eventually join them. Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Tara, Glenn and Maggie eventually depart on the church bus they fixed up, before Rick discovers an apology written by Abraham on the map, aww. 

Michonne and Gabriel are outside late at night talking when they eventually hear a sound in the woods. As Michonne approaches, Gabriel scrambles inside before she finally comes face to face with...Daryl! She promptly asks where Carol is, to which Daryl shouts behind him for someone to come out. Now if it were Carol, wouldn't she be right next to him? Could it be Beth? Or maybe Morgan, or some other new character? Let's face it, nothings for certain in TWD world.

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Next time on TWD: We're given Daryl's voiceover about Beth's disappearance over a shot of Beth's eyes opening, and by the looks of it she's in a hospital. What's more, when she looks out the window she seems to be in a city, and even weirder is she seems to be on some sort of drip and sporting a nasty cut to the side of her face. In one scene she's at a window with walkers trying to get in, before holding a scapel and trying to escape by the looks of things. Eventually she seems to be in conversation with a woman in police uniform, before being hit round the face by said woman.

Annoying character of the week: Maggie, for just swanning off to D.C. without seemingly giving a damn where her sister is. Seriously, has something gone off between these two that I just don't know about?

Thankfully we get to see what happened to Beth in the next episode, and I absolutely can't wait. I feel like I've been annoying people constantly asking about Beth, so to finally get some answers is amazing!


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