Merumaya 'Overnight Recharge' Night Cream Review*

I don't know about you, but I'm terrible at moisturising my skin. I'm very last minute, meaning I often rush my makeup in the morning before bolting out the door for work. As a result of this, I often find my poor skin suffers.

Before the #BloggersSecretSanta14, Merumaya were a brand I'd only briefly heard about. Safe to say, after Lekha's amazing talk about the brand, I couldn't wait to try out some bits she'd generously gifted each of us. Once home, she contacted me again to offer me a chance to try out their 'Overnight Recharge' Night Cream* (RRP £33.50/30ml). Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. I needed something to save my skin, perferably ASAP.

A pioneering and exclusive formulation that helps essential multi-cellular moisturisation, skin restoration and repair, firming and lifting. All delivered within a contemporary cream that is readily absorbed and provides surface comfort.

GATULINE IN-TENSE helps to restore skin density and firmness whilst supporting the collagen network.

PRODIZIA tackles the adverse effect of glycation, helping to repair skin while you sleep and reducing the signs of fatigue in the skin.

IDEALIFT helps to fight the visible signs of gravity, lifting and firming by stimulating elastin synthesis.

SYTENOL A has a retinol-like action without sensitivity concerns and helps to improve lines and elasticity as well as being a broad spectrum antioxidant.

Hydration and moisturisation are vital for vibrant, youthful looking skin. The inclusion of highly potent actives including two different molecular weights of HYULARONIC ACID, addresses the complexity of effective and lasting moisturisation. All the Actives have been included in the same high concentrations as tested in their robust clinical trials, to deliver high performance results.

 - Taken from Merumaya's website.

The packaging is gorgeous whilst adding a hint of luxury and professionalism. The bottle inside is smaller than expected, but also nice and sleek - a little goes a long way!. The bottle itself is pump action, and to get some product out at first I had to pump it quite a bit to get it up the tube and to dispense.

Once out, I was thoroughly impressed with the product! It smells absolutely divine, which is something I feel is needed if something is going to be lathered on your face. Afterall, you wouldn't want it to smell foul would you? Only the smallest drop of cream is required, I'd say I only use at least one pump and it manages to cover both my face and neck. After around a months use, I'd say I still have around 80% of the bottle left - great value for money in my opinion!

Using this product at night (it is an overnight product afterall), my skin felt silky smooth before I went to bed. It has a lovely creamy texture which means it glides on the skin flawlessly, and I feel it absorbs really well. It's really hydrating too; even after one nights use, my skin felt perfectly smooth and refreshed the next morning. 

I've been using this each night for just under a month now, and I'm amazed at the transformation my skin seems to have gone through. My skin looks easily more hydrated, and any signs of fatigue are greatly reduced. Which is perfect for me as I'm often working constantly awkward hours, making me feel a lot more tired than I'm used to! My skin is also a lot softer and smoother to the touch, and I can't help but feel it makes my skin look a lot healthier. Clearly my skin's been suffering for too long. Thankfully no more with this beauty!

Merumaya 'Overnight Recharge' Night Cream*.
Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with this product and can't fault it at all. I'd seriously underestimated how bad my skin was, and since using this product I can gladly say I'll never neglect moisturising my skin again!

There's currently an on offer on on QVC for the 3 Piece Christmas Moisturising Marvels Collection! The set contains a 15ml Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF 15, the best selling Iconic Youth Serum and The Overnight Recharge Cream. It's an absolute bargain for QVC customers, who will save £20! It's now priced at £36 and can be purchased here.

How about you? Do you own any Merumaya products? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below! :)

*This item was gifted to me by a brand representative.

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