9 December 2014

Style Steal #1 | Blake Lively 'Nautical' Look

Today I'm bringing you guys a different kind of post. Fashion is a big part of my life and I absolutely love drooling over the latest fashion finds in magazines or on the internet. As such, I figured it was about time I started a new series. 'Style Steal' is going to be my new weekly series from now on, and will usually be posted on a Sunday. I hope you all enjoy what I manage to throw together for you all and stick by me through this new series :).

Blake Lively has to be one of my biggest fashion icons, she always looks so flawless and stunning. And now that she's pregnant, she looks even more radiant! Her casual style is just as amazing as her dressy style, and I'm seriously in love with this Nautical look she put together.

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Now I know not many of us can afford designer really, even though we'd really like to! So after scouring the internet, I've managed to find the next best thing and put together a similar style.

1. Vera Moda Funnel Neck Coat (£70.00, ASOS
I know for some people like me, £70 will sound like alot for a coat. But for a nice thick coat that resembles Blake Lively's style this winter, I'm sure I can make an exception. It so closely resembles hers that it could pass as the real thing!

2. Long Sleeve Stripe Top (£22.00, Topshop)
I'm pretty sure most of us will have one of these somewhere in our wardrobes from the past (I know I do!). However for a simple option if you don't, this one from Topshop is perfect.

3. Navy Supersoft Super Skinny Jeans (£19.99, New Look)
The same can be said for jeans - any pair of dark coloured jeans would work perfectly for this look!

4. Dark Purple Zip Tote Bag (£24.99, New Look)
Now don't quote me on this, but I'm sure the bag Blake is toting is a very expensive designer one. I'd love a designer bag as much as the next girl, but currently it is way out of budget. Fortunately, this Tote Bag from New Look perfectly fits in with the rest of the nautical look.

5. Classic Assorted Rope Necklace (£10.00, Accessorize)
For a cute little twist and to spruce up the outfit a bit, Blake wears a necklace to add a pop of class. This lovely necklace from Accessorize both fits with the outfits theme, and adds a touch of elegance.

6. Black Low Wedge Ankle Boots (NOW £27.30, Dorothy Perkins)
I love a good ankle boot, and this pair are no exception! They have a lovely little heel which is perfect for a day shopping - not too high to cause discomfort, but high enough to make someone small like me look a little taller.

Add a set of loose flowing curls to this, and you've got it! Such a simple outfit, but so cute altogether. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more outfit inspiration from Blake that's for sure!

What are your thoughts?



Jessica ThePyreflies said...

I love Blake Lively and you did a great job recreating her look. I love the blue coat :)


Dino's Beauty Diary said...

Thank you! Glad my first attempt actually managed to look something like it haha!

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