Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Review

Boy oh boy do I have something special to share with you all today. Just before we went to Paris, my lovely (now) fiancé surprised me with a very thoughtful gift. And what was that gift? The amazing Rose Golden Set of Luxury Brushes from Zoeva, which I'd been drooling over for months but could never quite afford. Seriously, isn't this boy a keeper?

First of all, the brushes come in the prettiest case I have ever seen. It's a gorgeous brown leather bag, with rose gold detailing and zip. Even the detailing on the zip seemed to show elegance. The bag itself is perfect for storing the brushes, and really convenient for carrying around day to day.

The brushes themselves are little treasures, the black brushes being adorned with rose gold design. They're made with both 'high quality natural hair and synthetic taklon bristles', and you can really tell they're a luxury set of brushes. Each one feels so soft and gentle, they're silky and smooth on the skin. There seems to be no shedding too; I've been using them for quite a while now and not seen any sign of it! Some brushes I've used in the past have been quite bad for this, leaving little hairs from the brush on my face. Thankfully there's no need to worry about that with this set.

Altogether there's a total of 8 brushes;
- 5 for the face; 106 Powder, 102 Silk Finish, 110 Face Shape, 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek and 142 Concealer Buffer.
- 3 for the eyes; 227 Soft Definer, 231 Petit Crease, 317 Wing Liner.

One of my absolute favourites out of the face brushes is '102 Silk Finish', which I think is absolutely perfect for blending foundation. Another is '110 Face Shape', which is perfect for helping with contouring. '127 Luxe Sheer Cheek' is another firm favourite, as after applying my Benefit 'Majorette' Creme blusher with my fingers, it helps to apply a powder blush on top and really amplifies the colour.

'142 Concealer Buffer' is amazing for getting into the hard to reach areas like under the eyes, and really helps to blend concealers well. '227 Soft Definer' is amazing at picking up eyeshadows, and really helps it blend evenly across the eyelid and look flawless. One of my personal favourites out of the eye brushes is '231 Petit Crease', which accenuates blending in the crease of the eye, and emphasizes the blend of shadows. The only one I haven't really got much use out of yet is '217 Wing Liner', as my go-to liner at the moment is Benefits 'They're Real'. However I'm changing things up soon and can't wait to give the little cutie a try.

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with this stunning brush set. If you're wanting new brushes this year I can't recommend adding these beauties to your Christmas list. On the Zoeva Website they're listed at 65.00, which roughly converts to £51.57. I know it sounds a bit steep, but if you think about it it roughly works out to be around £6.45 a brush, which compared to some brushes is really cheap!


Gemma said...

Wow I want these brushes so much, and when you break it down like that it doesn't sound that bad at all.... your a very lucky girl :)

Lisa smyth said...

These brushes look and sound incredible! I also love that you get a little pouch with them! I'm on the hunt for some good brushes at the mo so may have to stick these on my christmas list :) xxxx


Vicki Skitt said...

The Rose Gold look so pretty, it really isn't that bad when they're under 7 quid separately! xx

Love VictoriaJanex

Brenda BusyBee said...

Such a gorgeous colour :) I recently won the pink set and i am super excited to try them out - they sound like fab brushes :) x
Brenda BusyBee

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

Exactly! If you think about it really, they are so cheap ;) xo

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

I'd 100% recommend these, they're such amazing quality and when it's broken down, quite affordable xo

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

Exactly! And they just look sooo gorgeous! xo

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

Ahh that's amazing, you'll have to let me know how you go on with them! xo