21 December 2015

Merry Christmas With No7 Cosmetics

Dino's Beauty Diary - Merry Christmas With No7 Cosmetics

Christmas is almost here, and everyone is getting into the festive spirit. Shops all along hight streets are offering amazing deals and offers, and some even have limited edition products exclusive for Christmas. One of my favourites in Boots, No7,  has brought out a number of festive inspired products this year; ranging from nail polish and foundations, to eyeshadows and lipsticks.


18 December 2015

How To Pick The Perfect Fragrance

Dino's Beauty Diary - How To Pick The Perfect Fragrance

It's that time of year now where we're all rushing around trying to get last minute gifts and any finishing touches done in time for Christmas. Shopping centres and towns are now bustling with people looking around for last minute offers, and perfect items to get their loved ones this Christmas. But what better way to show your love than with the perfect fragrance?

14 December 2015

Introducing: 'NAILED London' By Rosie Fortescue*

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Nailed London' by Rosie Fortescue Nail Polishes

In my line of work, any nail polish I tend to wear gets chipped more often than not. It's slightly frustrating as I love a good manicure as much as the next girl, so I'm always constantly on the look out for a range or brand that promises to be longer lasting. So when these little beauties found their way through my letterbox, I was beyond excited.

9 December 2015

The Melt Crowd | Christmas Edition (December 2015)

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - Christmas Edition - December 2015

Another month, and another Melt Crowd box. Not that I'm complaining though! The start of every month is now my favourite thanks to Flamingo Candles, and with the December box you could practically smell it as soon as it was posted through the door. It smells delicious! Could the December box possibly top last months and become my new favourite?

7 December 2015

No7 '25 Days Of Beauty' | Days 1 to 5

Dino's Beauty Diary - No7 '25 Days Of Beauty' - Days 1-5

YES. December is finally here, and we're finally on an official countdown to Christmas. One of the things that has become popular over the past couple of years or so is beauty advent calendars, and now it seems like every brand is putting one out there. But who can blame them? 

20 November 2015

Lush Oxford Street Haul #2

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Oxford Street Haul #2

Ah, nothing beats a good Lush haul does it? Most girls (and bloggers to think about it) love a little trip to a local Lush store, and I definitely fall into that category. I'm always amazed at the products, and I swear that each time I go in I find a new product that I always feel like I need. So when myself and Natalie (of Natalie's Beauty Base) headed down to London to attend the blogger awards, it was inevitable that we would eventually find our way to the flagship store on Oxford Street.

19 November 2015

#PrairiePizzazz 'Enchanted'

Dino's Beauty Diary - #PrairiePizzazz 'Enchanted'

Everyone has one of those brands that they go to time and time again, and for me, Prairie Charms is one of them. They're a brand that manages to fit into quite a few categories, be it beauty, fashion, and even lifestyle. You can tell that each item has been designed with amazing attention to detail, and thats just one of the many reasons I love them.

11 November 2015

The Melt Crowd | November 2015

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - November 2015

It's getting to that time of year again - Christmas! And with the nights coming quicker and getting darker sooner, there's nothing I love more than whacking on a gorgeous melt and basking in its aroma. Plus, thanks to Flamingo Candles, there's now such a wide variety of fragrances for me to choose from. What's not to love about that?


9 November 2015

'Tis The Season - A Classic Christmas With Jo Malone London

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Tis The Season - A Classic Christmas With Jo Malone London

Christmas is almost here. The weather is getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and theres only just over a month or so left until Christmas Day. I may sound cliché and old, but where on Earth has this year gone?! It seems like not that long ago I was celebrating new year, or hosting the second Bloggers Unite event. And now here we are, at the tail end of the year, scratching our heads at how quickly time has passed.


5 October 2015

The Melt Crowd | October 2015

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - October 2015

Don't you just love 'The Melt Crowd' by Flamingo Candles?! At the beginning of each month I'm literally buzzing with excitement waiting for the little package to drop through my letterbox. This month is actually my third month with the Melt Crowd, and as a little celebration I was actually sent an extra little gift which smells gorgeous and makes me seriously hungry.

2 October 2015

Fitness Fridays | Mini V Nutrition - 'Mini:Tone' Food Supplement Review*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - Mini:Tone Food Supplement Review*

One of the things I've found quite tough with weight loss is its effect on muscle. When it comes to losing weight, keeping track of everything you take can soon become a nightmare, especially when you factor in trying to build up muscle. For so many women starting to get fit starts with just some mild exercise to shed some unwanted weight, but this can also mean that we may focus more on weight loss than toning up. Thankfully, there's a new addition coming to the Mini V range coming soon that can help us towards those nice, lean and toned bodies we dream of - introducing the 'Mini:Tone'.


30 September 2015

A Special Thank You...

Dino's Beauty Diary - A Special Thank You...

This is a hard post for me, but I feel like it's been quite a long time coming. Those closest to me know that recently, I have been struggling. My health has taken a toll on me for the past few months, and at my worst I'm stuck in crippling agony and bed bound. The exact details of my health I don't want to be broadcasting all over the internet for obvious reasons, but that's not entirely what this post is about. This is about some very special and fantastic girls.

28 September 2015

Lush 2015 | New Launches & Summer Collection!

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush 2015 - New Launches and Summer Collection!

A while back now, I had the pleasure of attending an event at Lush to showcase their new product launches and some Oxford Street exclusives that have been rolled out. There's so many new products in both bath and shower, hand and foot, and so, so much more. 

25 September 2015

Fitness Fridays | Mini V Nutrition - 'Mini:Detox' Food Supplement Review*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - Mini:Detox Food Supplement Review

Recently I've actually started to ease myself back into building up my fitness. And a couple of weeks ago I introduced a relatively new range of nutritional products that would be helping me on my fitness journey; Mini V. Designed by Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach star Vicky Pattison, Mini V is tailored to suit and appeal to women on the go.


14 September 2015


Dino's Beauty Diary - STAR WARS LIPSTICKS?! - Freedom Makeup 'Far Away' Collection

I have an addiction to lipsticks. It's true, and you can blame my good friend Hannah (of the blog Hanner King) for that one! But a lesser known fact about me, at least where my blog is concerned, is that I love/am obsessed with Star Wars. I grew up watching the original trilogy, and when the prequel trilogy came out, my Dad took me to see them all on the big screen. 

So, with a love for Star Wars, when I saw the 'Far Away' collection by Freedom Makeup, I couldn't resist. And at £4 for the set of 5, who can complain?!

11 September 2015

Fitness Fridays | Introducing: Mini V Nutrition by Vicky Pattison*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Introducing: Mini V Nutrition by Vicky Pattison*

Geordie Shore is my guilty pleasure. I can remember watching it when the show first started back in 2011, and Vicky was immediately my favourite. With her outspoken attitude and determination, she quickly became one of the houses most popular members. Plus, let's admit it. She is absolutely stunning.

9 September 2015

A Hair Revolution!*

Dino's Beauty Diary - A Hair Revolution! - Keratin Revolution Leave-In Conditioner

My poor hair is always in need of some proper TLC. With all the heat I unload on it every day from my straighteners, it deserves a bit of a pamper every now and then. So when we got treated to this gorgeous product at the #BloggersUniteSummer15 event I co-hosted, I couldn't wait to try it out.

7 September 2015

The Melt Crowd | September 2015

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - September 2015

'The Melt Crowd' by Flamingo Candles is my new obsession. When a new box is about due, I'm sat waiting to hear something drop through my letterbox with excitement. So imagine how happy I was last week to hear the thud of this beauty hitting the floor. It actually took all of my willpower not to rip the box open like a wild animal. But who can blame me?

4 September 2015

A Multivitamin - For Dieters?! With Forza*

Dino's Beauty Diary - A Multivitamin For Dieters?! With Forza*

When it comes to vitamins, minerals and everything else, it's easy to become confused as to what the body needs. Surely I'm not the only one? Between x amount of this vitamin, and x amount of that mineral, it can all seem pretty overwhelming - especially when it comes to dieting, where crucial elements can be cut down or out without realising.

2 September 2015


Dino's Beauty Diary - #NottsBloggerMeet15
Picture: Becka Shepherd.
Ah, I love a good blogger meet, don't you? A while back now, Becka (from the blog Becka Shepherd) hosted the #NottsBloggerMeet15 in Nottingham city centre. I love it when events are hosted in Nottingham as it's quick for me to get to, and it's something different to all the ones that are hosted down in London.

31 August 2015

How About A Fresh Cup O' Coffee?

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Cup O'Coffee - How About A Fresh Cup O'Coffee?

A while back (which feels like forever now), Liam and I went down to London for a little break to celebrate our anniversary. Of course, once the train tickets were booked I knew it would also be the perfect opportunity to head on down to the famed Lush Oxford Street store and purchase some of the exclusive goodies they had down there. And the first thing I actually added to my basket is this delight - the Cup O'Coffee Exfoliating Mask.

28 August 2015

Urban Decay 'Naked Smoky' Review (+ Swatches)

Dino's Beauty Diary - Urban Decay Smoky Palette Review and Swatches

*Insert a million heart eyed emojis here*

Isn't this new release by Urban Decay beautiful?! Ever since Urban Decay announced they were bringing out a new palette in the 'Naked' range, I've been as excited as a kid at Christmas. The 'Smoky' palette has been one of those products that everyone has been waiting for - so much so that the Urban Decay website sold out for a little while!

26 August 2015

Smooth & Sexy Legs With Veet*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Smooth & Sexy Legs With Veet*

Waxing is scary business. Very, very scary business. Hands up if you've ever had your own horror story or terrible experience with waxing? I know I certainly have. For me, it was bikini waxing, which says all you need to know really, and I still shudder at the memory now. Let's just say the wax didn't work properly, and couldn't be picked up with the strips. In all honesty, I'm still not sure how I survived the experience. *Shudder*

24 August 2015

Chocolate Is A Girls Best Friend...*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Chocolate Is A Girls Best Friend*

Chocolate is a girls best friend. That's the saying, right?! Well, it definitely is in my case! But reviewing chocolate? That is definitely something new, for me anyway. After hosting the #BloggersUniteSummer15, each blogger was gifted a bag packed to the brim with goodies. One of those items was one of these tubes of mouth watering chocolates - Montezuma's 'Dainty Dollops'.

21 August 2015

What's In My Beach Bag? With Boohoo*

Dino's Beauty Diary - What's In My Beach Bag? With Boohoo*

Summer is the time of beer gardens, festivals, and beach getaways. With that in mind, when BooHoo contacted me asking if I wanted to do a collaboration with them, I was excited. And after my holiday to Turkey with Liam back in May, I knew I'd have no trouble selecting my beach bag essentials.

12 August 2015

Welcome to The Melt Crowd

Dino's Beauty Diary - Welcome to The Melt Crowd - August 2015

I have something exciting to share with you today, and I'm literally buzzing with excitement just writing this post. Every blogger by now is familiar with monthly subscription boxes - be it Birchbox, Glossybox, Look Fantastic... you get the point. So I was super excited to find something a bit different - 'The Melt Crowd' by Flamingo Candles.

10 August 2015

Attention Tea Lovers! Welcome to T2 Tea

Dino's Beauty Diary - Attention Tea Lovers! Welcome to T2 Tea

Imagine a store filled floor to ceiling with teas. Different types, flavours and teaware, all for you to gaze at in wonder. Each type of tea has its own pot on a table for you to sniff at, and if you really want to, the people who work there will whip up a sample for you to try then and there.

Welcome to the T2 tea shop, just recently opened in London.


6 August 2015

A (very late) Lush Oxford St Haul

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Oxford Street Haul

A while back for our anniversary, Liam treated us to a weekend down in London. Since starting my new job we've both been on quite opposite hours, so it was nice to get a weekend together for once. Amid all the sightseeing, I was also happy to be down in London for another reason: to check out the Oxford Street store and treat myself to some exclusive goodies. 

15 July 2015

Top Summer Beauty Essentials #1

Dino's Beauty Diary - Beauty - Top Summer Essentials #1

Summer is well and truly here if this sudden heatwave is anything to go by. In our bedroom, myself and Liam actually have two fans going on full blast - it's that hot. Honestly, I can't cope! With this heat, I often find myself wearing less makeup as I don't want it to get cakey and/or sweat off my face. Yeah, you get the gross picture. Anyway, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to share with you my top summer picks!

13 July 2015

The Multipurpose Balm That Every Girl Needs*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Skincare Review - Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Balm

Dr Paw Paw are one of those brands whose products I've wanted to try for what feels like forever, but never actually got round to. But with no stores near me stocking their products, I never had the chance to - until now. When I was offered the chance to try out their multipurpose balm, I practically squealed in delight! So today I'm giving you guys my thoughts on the Dr Paw Paw 'Multipurpose Soothing Balm'*.


1 July 2015


Dino's Beauty Diary - Bloggers Unite - #BloggersUniteSummer15

Not too long ago, myself and a couple of my best blogging friends hosted the #BloggersUniteSummer15 event at Eat Eten café in Sheffield. We could hardly believe it the night before - months and months of planning, and even then we were packing gift bags all the way up until midnight.

28 June 2015

What You NEED To Know About: Festivals

As it's now June and we're safely in the summer season, I figured I'd share some of my top tips for the upcoming festivals! A while ago myself and my best friend Carrie attended both V and Leeds festival, and let me tell you I wish there was someone around to give me their top tips.

17 June 2015

Perfume Review | Crabtree & Evelyn 'Verbena and Lavender de Provence'

Dino's Beauty Diary - Perfume Review - Crabtree & Evelyn 'Verbena and Lavender de Provence'

Not too long ago, with some of my favourite blog girlies, I had the chance to attend the 'Garden Celebration' event hosted by my local Crabtree & Evelyn. There was an endless list of things I could have splurged on in the store let me tell you! After a lot of umming and ahhing, I finally decided on something from their new range; the 'Verbena and Lavender de Provence'. 

15 June 2015

Bath & Body Review | Lush 'Dragon's Egg' Bath Bomb

When it comes to bath bombs, Lush undoubtedly have the winning seat. For years now I've loved walking into that shop with its array of scents, looking around in wonder at all the pretty things. My favourite though has to be the different variety of bath bombs; there's always a choice for everyone.

12 June 2015

Skincare Review | MAC 'Strobe Cream'

Last month I went on a bit of a shopping spree at MAC (you can find the haul post here). Since then, a lot of the items have found their way into my every day beauty routine, and with good reason! Today I'm bringing to you my thoughts on the MAC 'Strobe Cream'.

10 June 2015

Bath & Body Review | Soap and Glory 'Sugar Crush' Body Scrub

Dino's Beauty Diary - Bath & Body Review - Soap and Glory 'Sugar Crush' Body Scrub

After Christmas last year, I managed to get myself some amazing bargains in the sales afterwards, and one of them was a huge Soap and Glory set (down from £60 to £18, my haul can be found here). Since then, I've slowly been working my way through the goodies inside; one of which is the Soap and Glory 'Sugar Crush' Body Scrub.

8 June 2015

Hair Review | TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)done Shampoo and Conditioner

Long, tousled, beach ready hair is something I've always lusted after. Changing my hair care routine is something I have to do often to keep it full of life, be it changing shampoos, or using a nourishing mask once a week. At the moment, my current go-to shampoo and conditioner comes from the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)done range.

6 June 2015

The Perfect Gift For Father's Day* (Review & Giveaway)

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Perfect Gift for Fathers Day* (Review and Giveaway)

Summer has fast come upon us, and it's crazy to think that we're halfway through 2015 already. Now that we're in June, it's time for us all to start thinking about what we can get for that man in our lives; our dads. My dad is easily one of the most important men in my life, and I've always been a bit of a daddy's girl; so I knew I'd have to get him something extra special and cute.

29 May 2015

Make-Up Review | Makeup Revolution 'Golden Sugar' Ultra Blush and Contour Palette

Dino's Beauty Diary - Makeup Review - Makeup Revolution 'Golden Sugar' Ultra Blush and Contour Palette

Before blogging, I'd never spent much time on my makeup. I'd simply dab on some eyeshadow and eyeliner before heading about my day. Since starting my little corner of the internet last year, I'm thankful to say I now have a full makeup routine (thank God!). And that includes something I'd never really used before blogging: Blusher.

27 May 2015

MAC Haulin' #2 - Duty Free

Dino's Beauty Diary - MAC Haulin' #2 - Duty Free

You know that feeling of excitement once you get through all the stages of an airport, and realise there's only a plane journey between you and your destination? Well when Liam took me to Turkey a couple of weeks ago, that feeling was heightened tenfold when I got to duty free at Birmingham Airport. To my surprise and excitement, there is a MAC in duty free! And as it's duty free, it's quite a bit cheaper. Contain your excitement guys!!

25 May 2015

Manicure Mondays #7 | Introducing: Models Own 'Fruit Pastel' Scented Collection

Boy oh boy do I have a sweet treat for you all today. I'll admit, when I first heard the concept of scented nail polishes I was a little skeptical. Afterall, how could anything replace the overpowering scent of nail varnish? Thankfully, with these little scented beauties, I am now thoroughly convinced.


22 May 2015

Crabtree & Evelyn 'Garden Celebration' | Nottingham

Crabtree & Evelyn 'Garden Celebration' Event Nottingham - Dino's Beauty Diary

Last year, a few weeks after I started blogging, I had the pleasure of being invited to my first ever event: the Crabtree & Evelyn 'Handy Tips' Event. And this year, Crabtree & Evelyn were at it again with the 'Garden Celebration!' The lovely Gemma from Gemms Beauty was helping to organise, along with the PR lady, Jamie.


20 May 2015

Holiday Essentials #1 - Beauty

Dino's Beauty Diary - Holiday Essentials #1 - Beauty

I have serious holiday blues. Honestly, I was half tempted to just stick my head in the sand and stay in Turkey forever. But alas, real life called and me and Liam had to get back to reality. However, it's not all doom and gloom! Whilst we were away, inspiration hit and I knew I'd have a few good posts to share with you all. And that's where todays post comes in...my beauty essentials for holiday!

11 May 2015

Hair Review | Herbal Essences 'Hello Hydration' Deep Nourishing Intensive Mask

Dino's Beauty Diary - Hair Review - Herbal Essences 'Hello Hydration' Deep Nourishing Intensive Mask

Do you remember those old herbal essences TV adverts of the women getting a little too excited about washing their hair? Well, with what I have for you today, I honestly feel like those women weren't overreacting - the 'Hello Hydration' Deep Nourishing Intensive Mask is a miracle product in my eyes!


8 May 2015

Skincare Review | No7 'Beautiful Skin' Day and Night Creams for Dry/Very Dry Skin

Dino's Beauty Diary - Skincare Review - No7 'Beautiful Skin' Day and Night Creams for Dry/Very Dry Skin

One of my biggest peeves is dry skin. Nowadays I notice it more and more when I'm applying my foundation - annoying dry patches here and there. But with a proper skincare regime, and the No7 'Beautiful Skin' Day and Night Creams, I've started noticing a real difference. My skin looks more hydrated, healthier and brighter than ever before.

6 May 2015

MAC Haulin'

Dino's Beauty Diary - Beauty - Mac Haul

As you can probably guess, I went on a bit of a spending spree, and what girl can resist some quality MAC purchases?! I must admit, I've shopped sparingly at MAC in the past, but thanks to some of my lovely blogging girls (FrankieHannahSarah and Sian I'm looking at you) I dove in head first and came out with some amazing purchases!

4 May 2015

Manicure Mondays #6 | Introducing: OPI 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Set

I'm going back to my very first series here on the blog today and rebooting my 'Manicure Mondays', woop! And boy do I have something exciting to share with you today - the OPI special set, released to coincide with the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' film. And wow are there some amazing colours.

3 May 2015

What You NEED To Know About: Skincare - The Basics

Dino's Beauty Diary - What You Need To Know About Skincare: The Basics

These days, I can't walk down a skincare aisle in a store anymore without being overwhelmed with choice. From toners to moisturisers, cleansing milks to hot cloth cleansers, we're completely spoilt for choice. But how are we to know what products are best suited for us with such a wide selection?

1 May 2015

April Favourites (2015)

Since I've never done a favourites post before, I thought with the end of the month now upon us, it was a perfect time to do so! As I love reading so much, each favourites series will most likely include my favourite book from that month too!

29 April 2015

Benefit 'Lee Lee's Beauty Secrets'

Dino's Beauty Diary - Benefit 'Lee Lee's Beauty Secrets'

My parents know me so well when it comes to Christmas presents. So imagine my delight when last year I unwrapped a cute box of Benefit goodness! Designed like a cute little clutch bag, it has to be one of the prettiest gift sets I've seen from Benefit so far! So what was in the cute set I hear you ask?!
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