24 January 2015

Hair Review | Bleach London 'The Big Pink' Hair Colour

Dino's Beauty Diary - Hair Review - Bleach London 'The Big Pink' Hair Colour

Back in November, my lovely other half took me on a romantic week away to Paris. Seeing the time as a perfect opportunity to experiment with my hair due to time off work, I jumped at the chance to give one of the Bleach London non-permanent hair dyes a go. For what feels like forever I've wanted pink tips to my hair, and with that I went for 'The Big Pink.'


17 January 2015

Lush Pre-Christmas Haul

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Pre-Christmas Haul - Lush Bath bombs, bubble bars, haircare

Before Christmas, I had my mind set on some stuff I just couldn't wait for to come down in the sales. In that mindset, I scraped together my last few pounds and went on a bit of a splurge when I should have been doing my last minute Christmas shopping (oops). Apologies for this post coming a bit too late - if you caught my last post (here) you may know I'm releasing a novel this year, so my time has been a bit stretched as of late!

3 January 2015

Hello 2015 and Novel Announcement!

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I'm never normally one to make New Years resolutions. No matter what it is, I can just never seem to stick to it. Be it being healthier in regards to eating, or going to the gym more, it eventually goes downhill. And with that in mind, I've instead decided that I'd set myself a few goals instead. Plus, if I write them on here, they kind of have to be achieved, right?
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