17 January 2015

Lush Pre-Christmas Haul

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Pre-Christmas Haul - Lush Bath bombs, bubble bars, haircare

Before Christmas, I had my mind set on some stuff I just couldn't wait for to come down in the sales. In that mindset, I scraped together my last few pounds and went on a bit of a splurge when I should have been doing my last minute Christmas shopping (oops). Apologies for this post coming a bit too late - if you caught my last post (here) you may know I'm releasing a novel this year, so my time has been a bit stretched as of late!

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Pre-Christmas Haul - Lush Bath bombs, bubble bars, haircare

Lush never fails to amaze me, especially where the Christmas products are concerned! One of the things that appealed to me most was the cute Hedgehog Bubble Bar - I mean seriously, look at that cute little guy! Candy Mountain also struck me - it smells exactly like Snow Fairy, and anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for it. The Holly Golightly Bubble Bar appealed to me because it was so sparkly and gorgeous, and looks exactly like a Christmas Pud. I love how it looks in the water aswell - when it breaks up, it makes the water turn a beautiful green. After mine and Hannah's blog meet in November, I'd wanted the Golden Wonder bath bomb. The amazing staff told us that the bath bomb takes a while to make - as it has 4 mini bath bombs inside the fuller version. They release to make different colours and fizzing - amazing!

I also went for a couple of different items. My haircare routine is so dull and I wanted something to desperately vamp it up a little - so I figured I'd go for some Lush products! The Seanik Shampoo Bar was the first thing to catch my eye - I normally hate seaweed, to the point that I won't go anywhere near the sea on holiday if it has the slightest bit in it. But I was amazingly surprised by this bar - it smells beautiful and is so uplifting. Next up was the Big Solid Conditioner which smells just like a candy bar I can't quite place my finger on. At £9 for 100g it was slightly expensive to me, but it promised to add volume to my hair which I was desperately craving. Lastly I went for another conditioner bar, the Jungle Solid Conditioner. It has cocoa butter in which always appeals to me as I have annoying little wispy hairs, so anything that would tame it would be a massive bonus. However so far, my thoughts on this are a little mixed - it just doesn't do much for me like the Big Solid Conditioner does.

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Pre-Christmas Haul - Lush Bath bombs, bubble bars, haircare

So that's my little pre-Christmas haul - don't worry, I still have my boxing day sale haul to come! (What a treat ;) ). How about you, have you picked up anything from Lush recently?


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