Huge Boots Beauty Haul!

Since starting my new job, I've become a bit of a big spender and splurged on a few items...oops. Boots always have amazing offers on, be it 3 for 2, or with the No7 vouchers (£5 off skincare/£3 off makeup). Loving No7, I obviously had to get a few things when I got quite a few of the vouchers...right?

First up is this fantastic Soap and Glory gift set, which I picked up for a bargain price of £18.00 (down from £60 in the Christmas sale). Even for £60 I'd say you get more than your moneys worth! The set contains full size versions of:
 - 'Butter Yourself' Body Lotion

 - 'Heel Genius' Foot Cream
 - 'Sugar Crush' Body Scrub
 - 'Orangeasm' Body Wash
 - 'Whipped Clean' Shower Butter
 - 'Off Your Face' Cleansing Cloths
 - 'The Righteous Butter' Body Butter
 - 'Thick & Fast' Volumising Mascara
 - 'Sexy Mother Pucker' Lipgloss
 - 'Hand Dream' 5-in-1 Hand Treatment

Of course it wouldn't be a decent enough beauty haul without some nail polishes, right? I actually got this No7 giftset after Christmas at half price, for only £12. The bottles inside are slightly smaller than the individual bottles I also picked up, but there's not too much difference and it's still great value for money in my eyes.

A girl can never have too much makeup either (as much as my fiance tells me otherwise). Something about cute eyeshadow palettes screams to me, hence why I went for this gorgeous nude colours palette. Similarly, the 'Blush and Go' Gift set was reduced in my local store, and I'd been desperate for a new bronzer (purchase = justified). 

As I was running out of my Benefit makeup primer, I went for a similar but cheaper product in the No7 'Stay Perfect' primer, and also the eyeshadow primer. As a bonus I went for the 'Essentially Natural' foundation and even got myself colour matched - and the 'Cool Ivory' shade blends flawlessly into my skin. Previously I'd been using Hello Flawless by Benefit - and whilst it is truly a miracle product it's too dark to match my skin tone at the moment.

I also couldn't resist two of the lipsticks - the stay perfect in 'Loganberry', which is a gorgeous plum shade. And a beautiful nude colour in 'Rose Mist'.

One of the best deals Boots have on at different times throughout the year is the '£5 off skincare' voucher, which can really make a difference! The first thing on my list was the 'Beautiful Skin' hydration mask - my skin has been struggling so much with dryness, so I may have gone overboard on the hydration! This includes the 'Beautiful Skin' cleansing balm, 'Soft and Soothed' Gentle Toner, the 'Beautiful Skin' Day and Night Creams and the 'Beautiful Skin' Cleansing Wipes.

There was also a 3 for 2 offer on on Revlon cosmetics, and I'd been eyeing up the scented nail polishes forever. Just a note for you all - don't sniff the polish directly from the will not enjoy it, and chances are you will choke on the fumes. I also went for an anti-shine face balm/primer - sometimes my face gets annoyingly shiny, and I hate it.

Last up is my new favourite item...herbal essences dry shampoo! I love the smell of herbal essences items, and I knew when they brought out a dry shampoo it would be no different - this smells gorgeous! Look out for a review coming soon :)

How about you? Have you brought anything good recently?


Megan Jane said...

I love the Essentially Natural foundation! It's my current every day choice. xo

Siân Marie said...

Lots of lovely goodies there!! Very jealous.

Emily Hannah said...

What a great shopping trip! The NO7 eyeshadow palette looks very pretty, love the packaging x
han // emandhan xo

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

Thanks! It's beautiful, and with the £3 off makeup voucher it was totally justified. xx

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

What can I say, working there definitely makes me create mental shopping lists every day! It'll be my downfall :P. Feel like I haven't spoke to you in forever missus! xx

Dino's Beauty Diary said...

It's amazing isn't it? It's the only foundation I can use at the moment that doesn't show how dry my skin is! xx