Manicure Mondays #6 | Introducing: OPI 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Set

I'm going back to my very first series here on the blog today and rebooting my 'Manicure Mondays', woop! And boy do I have something exciting to share with you today - the OPI special set, released to coincide with the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' film. And wow are there some amazing colours.

I have to say now, the only excitement I have for the 'Fifty Shades' film is all for this nail polish set. The film was so mediocre and boring that by the end, I was almost cheering when it finished. Anyway! On with the OPI set :)

The mini set comes with different shades of grey, a glittery version and a bright dramatic red. Each of them is somehow tied into the film with a playful name; #1 'My Silk Tie', #2 'Dark Side of the Mood', #3 'Romantically Involved', #4 'Embrace the Gray', #5 'Shine For Me' and #6 'Cement the Deal'.

#1: 'My Silk Tie'
'My Silk Tie' is a gorgeous grey/silver shade, which when it dries comes out with a real shine. It actually reminds me of the Models Own Chrome collection, in that it comes out as a gorgeous, reflective finish.

#2: 'Dark Side of the Mood'
'Dark Side of the Mood' is a lovely, deep colour which actually comes out as a charcoal finish. The nail swatch above is with two coats, and with a third I imagine it would come out as a gorgeous deep finish perfect for the colder seasons.

#3: 'Romantically Involved'
Ah, a stunning, vibrant red shade. I will admit that when I heard there was to be a Fifty Shades nail polish set, I did imagine they'd all be greys. Thankfully this gives the set a much needed injection of colour, and comes off with a high shine finish.

#4: 'Embrace the Gray'
This one easily has to be my favourite shade, as it comes out a nice deep grey. It's quite thick too and would only really need one coat to give enough colour. From looking at the bottles you can't see much difference between this shade and shade #6, but once used you can clearly see this is quite a bit darker.

#5: 'Shine For Me'
At first look I imagined this would be like a top coat, but after application it is quite thick and can easily be built up on it's own. It's a sparkling silver colour with bright blue glitter, which can give it quite a bumpy finish unlike the other shades that have a smooth shine.

#6: 'Cement the Deal'
'Cement the Deal' is a light grey colour, with a beautiful cool creamy finish. Like 'Embrace the Gray', it is thick enough to be able to get away with just one coat to give enough colour.

Overall, there are some stunning shades created by O.P.I. for the 'Fifty Shades' set. Plus, as is normal with OPI products, the colours have great staying power and are tough to chip. In this set, my favourite by far has to be 'Embrace the Gray', followed by 'Romantically Involved'. How about you, what would be your favourite colour?


Emma Louise said...

Love the collection they all look really nice, I especially like embrace the grey and shine for me :)x

Emma |

Siân Marie said...

I wanted this so badly! Purely for the FSOG theme :') Wanna give it me ;)

Sian | Siân Marie Beauty