Top Summer Beauty Essentials #1

Dino's Beauty Diary - Beauty - Top Summer Essentials #1

Summer is well and truly here if this sudden heatwave is anything to go by. In our bedroom, myself and Liam actually have two fans going on full blast - it's that hot. Honestly, I can't cope! With this heat, I often find myself wearing less makeup as I don't want it to get cakey and/or sweat off my face. Yeah, you get the gross picture. Anyway, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to share with you my top summer picks!

1. Prairie Charms 'Cara' Floral Garland - Summer is the time for festivals. And what better way to show that you're festival ready than with a gorgeous hair garland? I received this item as part of a summer mystery bag with Prairie Charms, costing only £5 - which is amazing value when this item is valued at £18 alone. Prairie Charms often do mystery bags - they're a bargain so keep an eye out on twitter!

2. Revlon Colourstay Concealer - I've been on the hunt for a decent concealer for what feels like forever - and boy oh boy have I found a winner here. In summer I wear a lighter face - a small dusting of powder, and some concealer are all I need for my base. Keep your eyes peeled for a separate review of this beauty coming up soon.

3. Ghost 'Eclipse' Perfume - Ghost perfumes have been the only brand of perfumes that I come back to time and time again - they last a decent amount of time, without having too much of a heavy scent for me to handle. My parents got this in a gift set for me for my birthday, and since then it's been my go to perfume. 'Eclipse' is the latest release in the Ghost range, and has a gorgeous fruity/floral scent.

4. Lovely Cosmetics 'Peppermint Dream' Lipbalm* - I received a couple of these lipbalms from the #BloggersUniteSummer15 event I hosted last month, and recently I've been between the Dr Pawpaw balm and this Peppermint balm. It's gorgeous and refreshing on the lips, and is perfect for the summer season.

5. Amphora Aromatics Skincare ' Seaweed & Aloe' Soothing Eye Gel* - It takes a lot for me to stray from my usual Benefit 'It's Potent!' eye cream, but I think I may have found a serious contender here. I'm planning a separate review on this gel, but let me tell you, its perfect for cooling down the under eye area and feels really refreshing.

6. The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover* - Another item I received as part of the event in Sheffield I hosted, this beauty is fantastic at removing even the toughest eye makeup. I have been known to be terrible with my makeup and just rub at it with a face wipe - a terrible crime I know. So I'm thankful to have an alternative!

7. Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder in 'Fair'* - Again, I received this as part of the Bloggers Unite event, and boy is it fantastic. My usual foundation is Mac Studio fix, which gives great coverage but isn't something I like wearing on a particularly hot day. So this powder is a great alternative, plus it has the added bonus of being all natural!

8. Max Factor 'False Lash Effect' Mascara* - I actually got this as part of something on twitter, and I can't believe I've never seen it around before. Seriously, it's underhyped. I adore this mascara. My lashes look a lot thicker and longer after even one application, and I honestly can't big it up enough.

9. Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil* - I received this item as part of the #NorthernBloggerMeetUp last year, and at first look I decided there was no way I could use it as it was too dark for me. However, after a bit of playing around one day I realised that the 'Universal' claim was actually spot on - you layer it up to get your desired depth of colour. Now I question myself as to how I could have gone so long without using it!

For some reason I didn't realise I'd actually picked 9 items instead of 10, oops. Anyway, these are just a few of the items I use through religiously through summer - what are yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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