A Lush Oxford St Haul

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Oxford Street Haul

A while back for our anniversary, Liam treated us to a weekend down in London. Since starting my new job we've both been on quite opposite hours, so it was nice to get a weekend together for once. Amid all the sightseeing, I was also happy to be down in London for another reason: to check out the Oxford Street store and treat myself to some exclusive goodies. 

I have to point out here that I've been a pretty bad blogger with my latest posts - we've recently been moving into a new apartment, so any posts have gone on hold. This post was meant to go up a while ago, but it got pushed back and back, so I'm really sorry for being so late! As it happens, this week is the week the exclusive items are being launched in all stores - woo! So I won't have to traipse down to London when I need to stock up on my bath bombs ;) So, anyway, which items did I go for?!

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Oxford Street Haul

'Cup O' Coffee' Exfoliating Mask - Ever since the event I co-hosted in June, I'd been on the hunt for a new exfoliating mask. My last one I'd left at Hannah's, and my skin is so dry it needs exfoliating often. So when I saw an exfoliating mask in Lush, I knew it was for me. Opening it up, the smell of coffee is so overwhelming! Honestly, if you can't smell any more in Lush, stick your nose in this pot and you'll be good to go again - trust me!

'Comforter' Shower Cream - I swear I'd pretty much travelled down to London for this item alone. Who doesn't love the comforter scent?! And to have it in cream form is amazing - it lathers up like a dream and if you look carefully you can even see specks of glitter! They do this product in a 1kg size, and I immediately went for that size - but according to Liam that would be 'too much'. Pfft, men. He was only complaining because he was carrying my heavy bag at the end of it...

'Yuzu And Cocoa' Shower Cream - Aside from the Comforter, the Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar was my next favourite. With a chocolate orange scent, it smells irresistible! So I'm really glad that I now have it in a cream form and in the bubble bar.

'Lord Of Misrule' Shower Cream - Can you see a theme here? That maybe I went a bit OTT with shower creams? Nonsense, a girl can never have too many...right? The bright green colour immediately draws the eye, and has a glittery effect to it too. In fact, if you take the top completely off the bottle, it reminds me of the big bottles of paint that you'd use when you were younger! Anyway, you can bet that there will be a review of this baby coming soon.

'Don't Rain On My Parade' Shower Gel - This one is slightly different as it is actually a gel, and I loved this product on first smell. However, I couldn't justify getting another 250ml size, so I went for a teeny baby bottle of it. With a combination of violet leaf and a vanilla infusion, those ingredients alone make me a very happy girl.

'Razzle Dazzle' Bath Oil - Something completely new is these little balls that look like very small bath bombs/bubble bars. In fact, you crumble these under a tap and they are actually bath oils - I can't wait to give these a go! 'Razzle Dazzle' is the pink one in the photo, and has a gorgeous berry-like scent.

'Sun' Bath Oil - This one appealed to me because of its gorgeous coppery colour. It has orange and tangerine oils among its list of ingredients, which really gives it a citrusy and zesty sort of scent. 

'Flamingo' Bubble Bar - I love the bubble bars on sticks, as I find them so much easier to use and to control bubble-wise. It has ylang-ylang in it, which is one of my favourite scents to use ever. That, and the fact that it looks super cute is what sold it to me!

'Guardian Of The Forest' Bath Bomb - This bath bomb stood out to me with its combination of green colours, and upon smelling, the only way I can think to describe it is as of a more 'earthy' scent. I can't wait to pop this in the bath and watch it fizzle away - a demo was given and the colours it gives off look absolutely mesmerising!

'The Experimenter' Bath Bomb - I think it was either Sian or Charli that showed me this one when they purchased it, and I knew it would be on my list for whenever I'd get to the Oxford Street store. In the photos its in the top right corner, and boy is it appealing to the eye! If there's ever been a bath bomb I've wanted to buy before smelling, it's this one.

'Cyanide Pill' Bath Bomb - I can quite safely blame this one on Sian when she snapchatted me a photo of this in the bath. It's a ballistic, so it has a very quick fizz to it - but that's no problem with me, I love seeing bath bombs so fast at work! It's in the cute shape of a pill too.

'Frozen' Bath Bomb - I will admit here, all I saw was the name of this bath bomb and immediately dumped it in my already packed basket. Seriously, name something after the amazing Disney movie and there is a 99% chance you will catch my interest. Only after safely popping one in my basket did I then pick up another to sniff at - and thankfully, it's a nice, gentle scent and not too overpowering.

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Oxford Street Haul

Well, that's it for my little Oxford Street Haul! I will apologise again for not popping this up straight away - blame Liam for distracting me with buying pretty things for our new apartment! As the new items are being launched across all stores this week too, keep your eyes peeled for more hauls coming your way...and of course, reviews!

How about you? Have you been to Oxford Street? Or are there any items you're eyeing up to purchase once they've all been launched? Let me know in the comments below!

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