30 September 2015

A Special Thank You...

Dino's Beauty Diary - A Special Thank You...

This is a hard post for me, but I feel like it's been quite a long time coming. Those closest to me know that recently, I have been struggling. My health has taken a toll on me for the past few months, and at my worst I'm stuck in crippling agony and bed bound. The exact details of my health I don't want to be broadcasting all over the internet for obvious reasons, but that's not entirely what this post is about. This is about some very special and fantastic girls.

28 September 2015

Lush 2015 | New Launches & Summer Collection!

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush 2015 - New Launches and Summer Collection!

A while back now, I had the pleasure of attending an event at Lush to showcase their new product launches and some Oxford Street exclusives that have been rolled out. There's so many new products in both bath and shower, hand and foot, and so, so much more. 

25 September 2015

Fitness Fridays | Mini V Nutrition - 'Mini:Detox' Food Supplement Review*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - Mini:Detox Food Supplement Review

Recently I've actually started to ease myself back into building up my fitness. And a couple of weeks ago I introduced a relatively new range of nutritional products that would be helping me on my fitness journey; Mini V. Designed by Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach star Vicky Pattison, Mini V is tailored to suit and appeal to women on the go.


14 September 2015


Dino's Beauty Diary - STAR WARS LIPSTICKS?! - Freedom Makeup 'Far Away' Collection

I have an addiction to lipsticks. It's true, and you can blame my good friend Hannah (of the blog Hanner King) for that one! But a lesser known fact about me, at least where my blog is concerned, is that I love/am obsessed with Star Wars. I grew up watching the original trilogy, and when the prequel trilogy came out, my Dad took me to see them all on the big screen. 

So, with a love for Star Wars, when I saw the 'Far Away' collection by Freedom Makeup, I couldn't resist. And at £4 for the set of 5, who can complain?!

11 September 2015

Fitness Fridays | Introducing: Mini V Nutrition by Vicky Pattison*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Introducing: Mini V Nutrition by Vicky Pattison*

Geordie Shore is my guilty pleasure. I can remember watching it when the show first started back in 2011, and Vicky was immediately my favourite. With her outspoken attitude and determination, she quickly became one of the houses most popular members. Plus, let's admit it. She is absolutely stunning.

9 September 2015

A Hair Revolution!*

Dino's Beauty Diary - A Hair Revolution! - Keratin Revolution Leave-In Conditioner

My poor hair is always in need of some proper TLC. With all the heat I unload on it every day from my straighteners, it deserves a bit of a pamper every now and then. So when we got treated to this gorgeous product at the #BloggersUniteSummer15 event I co-hosted, I couldn't wait to try it out.

7 September 2015

The Melt Crowd | September 2015

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - September 2015

'The Melt Crowd' by Flamingo Candles is my new obsession. When a new box is about due, I'm sat waiting to hear something drop through my letterbox with excitement. So imagine how happy I was last week to hear the thud of this beauty hitting the floor. It actually took all of my willpower not to rip the box open like a wild animal. But who can blame me?

4 September 2015

A Multivitamin - For Dieters?! With Forza*

Dino's Beauty Diary - A Multivitamin For Dieters?! With Forza*

When it comes to vitamins, minerals and everything else, it's easy to become confused as to what the body needs. Surely I'm not the only one? Between x amount of this vitamin, and x amount of that mineral, it can all seem pretty overwhelming - especially when it comes to dieting, where crucial elements can be cut down or out without realising.

2 September 2015


Dino's Beauty Diary - #NottsBloggerMeet15
Picture: Becka Shepherd.
Ah, I love a good blogger meet, don't you? A while back now, Becka (from the blog Becka Shepherd) hosted the #NottsBloggerMeet15 in Nottingham city centre. I love it when events are hosted in Nottingham as it's quick for me to get to, and it's something different to all the ones that are hosted down in London.
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