30 September 2015

A Special Thank You...

Dino's Beauty Diary - A Special Thank You...

This is a hard post for me, but I feel like it's been quite a long time coming. Those closest to me know that recently, I have been struggling. My health has taken a toll on me for the past few months, and at my worst I'm stuck in crippling agony and bed bound. The exact details of my health I don't want to be broadcasting all over the internet for obvious reasons, but that's not entirely what this post is about. This is about some very special and fantastic girls.

Dino's Beauty started back in April/May 2014, when I was in my final year of a Law degree and needed an outlet to get me away from the stresses of studying. All I wanted was a place to ramble on about my interests, be it beauty, a bit of fashion, or lifestyle. I never knew that by joining the blogging community I'd be opening the door to so many different opportunities. 

Then, at the beginning of this year, my health took a downturn and I've been passed from pillar to post with doctors appointments, hospital admissions and everything else imaginable. In short, I'm utterly disappointed with the NHS. It's hard for me to write, but I've become so overwhelmed and down because of it all, and I just don't feel like myself anymore. I feel like l've completely lost part of myself. But as I said before, this post is about the amazing girls that have helped me through it all, and I literally couldn't ask for better friends. I feel so lucky to have these girls in my life.

Dino's Beauty Diary - A Special Thank You...

Hannah of Hanner King: Where do I start with Hannah? This girl feels more like my sister than my friend! We met at a blogger event in Sheffield last year, but it feels like we've honestly been friends for so much longer and we talk pretty much every day. Hannah always manages to make me smile and lift me up when I've been feeling down without even realising. She has such a fantastic and bright presence it's difficult not to be cheered up by talking to her. She's so much more to me than a friend and I thank my lucky stars to have her in my life. She's even agreed to be my bridesmaid for when Liam and I tie the knot! I seriously love this girl.

Natalie of Natalie's Beauty Base: Since Natalie and I followed each other on twitter a while back now, I genuinely think we have spoken to each other literally every day. This girl is amazing, and I'd consider her my sister through and through. Natalie is probably one of the few people who know's the most about what's been happening with me recently, and she's been such an incredible rock in helping me through it all - she's so understanding and caring, it genuinely makes me smile to have this girl as such a close friend. Natalie's blog is one of my favourite reads - you can tell she puts so much effort into every post, and her great sense of humour really shines through.

Sian of Sian Marie Beauty: Sian was probably one of the first bloggers that I got talking to when I began blogging, and I'm glad that it's grown into such a good friendship today. Sian is one of the loveliest girls I've ever met, and I get on with her so well because we have such a similar sense of humour. Her blog is a fantastic read and her sense of humour and style really shows in her posts. Sian has such a positive outlook on life and can always be counted on to cheer you up if you're ever down.

Frankie of Eff Star Beauty: I first met Frankie through Hannah when she joined the Bloggers Unite team as a host for our Sheffield based Summer Event. And I'm so glad she did! Frankie is such a brilliant and bubbly person it's hard not to get into that mentality too, her fun-loving streak and zest for life is infectious and has given me a much needed boost when I've been feeling low. Eff is one of the friendliest and approachable people I've ever met and she has some of the best tutorials on youtube - seriously, this girl is super talented. Go check her out.

Sarah of See The Stars: Sarah is such a cutie it's hard not to smile. I first met Sarah on a girly shopping spree in Nottingham and I'm bloomin' glad I did. She's such a lovely and friendly girl and it felt more like meeting an old friend than someone completely new. Sarah's warm spirit is so welcoming and uplifting, and that definitely comes across in her writing. I also have Sarah to thank for introducing me to 'Project Life' as her lifestyle posts on it were so brilliant and enticing that I've recently taken it up myself. Sarah also has a ridiculously enviable sense of fashion - you need to give me tips ASAP girl!

Charli of Charlotte Rose: Every girl needs a Charli in their lives. Seriously. Charli is a lovely, no nonsense kind of girl. She tells it exactly like it is, and I think our little friendship group is thankful like that! You can always count on Charli for the truth and a straight-to-the-point solution to most problems. It's her no nonsense attitude that makes her blog one of my favourites - you know that everything she says on there, she means. It is 100% her own opinion, no matter what, and that won't be changed. 

Dino's Beauty Diary - A Special Thank You...

When I started this blog not that long ago, I genuinely never knew it would bring some seriously special girls into my life. I didn't know the blogging community was so huge and diverse, and home to so many different interests. I didn't know that just over a year later, I would have made some of my best and closest friends, and have blogging to thank for that.

So girls, in short, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making me realise things would get better. Thank you for being there for me, be it at 2pm or 2am. Thank you for chatting to me about anything and everything, and making me smile until my mouth hurt. Thank you for being your amazing, brilliant selves. You all mean the world to me!

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