Fitness Fridays | Mini V Nutrition - 'Mini:Detox' Food Supplement Review*

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - Mini:Detox Food Supplement Review

Recently I've actually started to ease myself back into building up my fitness. And a couple of weeks ago I introduced a relatively new range of nutritional products that would be helping me on my fitness journey; Mini V. Designed by Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach star Vicky Pattison, Mini V is tailored to suit and appeal to women on the go.

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - Mini:Detox Food Supplement Review

'I created Mini:Detox for those that are like me that love to party, love to go hard and are serious about tashing on! I wanted to make a product that eased the pains of a hangover and removed any unwanted toxins (like alcohol), but I also wanted to create something that helped me with my diet and weight loss at the same time.' 
     - Vicky Pattison, Mini V Website.

Normally I'm pretty weary when it comes to detoxes - anything that may make me rush to the toilet is not really something I'd usually embrace. However, whilst there are a number of downsides to detoxing, there are also a surprising amount of benefits which come from the multitude of ingredients. And Mini:Detox is different to most of those other detoxes out there, as instead of coming as a tea, it comes in tablet form. Lets take a look at some of the ingredients, shall we?

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - Mini:Detox Food Supplement Review

Contains alfalfa, fennel, psyllium, green papaya and digestive enzymes together with a combination of herbs and spices.
Green tea, aloe vera, ginger, oregano, liquorice, chlorella and peppermint may help to maintain healthy digestive function.
Psyllium may help to maintain a healthy digestive system and normal cholesterol levels.

Fennel: As one of the main ingredients, Fennel has a number of health benefits and is also low in calories. With powerful antioxidant properties, Fennel is a good source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and both vitamin B and C. Plus, it works as both an appetite suppressant and a metabolism booster.

Psyllium: Psyllium meanwhile is a great source of fibre, and soaks up any excess water in the gut, meaning...well, in the nicest terms, it makes it much easier to go to the toilet. As a one off ingredient it can be used as more of a laxative, however if you use psyllium regularly in your diet it can help to promote regularity and improve the overall health of the digestive system. Plus, as it absorbs the liquid in your body, it can give you the feeling of being full, which in turn can help control the amount of food you eat.

Aloe Vera: Everyone knows Aloe Vera has numerous uses, and one of the lesser known ones seems is its use in regards to weight loss. With around 75 active ingredients varying from vitamins to minerals, carbohydrates to amino acids, there are a number of benefits to including it within your diet. As an added bonus, Aloe Vera contains rich amounts of protein, aiding muscle growth. Plus it stimulates the metabolic rate which aids the consumption of more energy, stabilising and reducing the BMI in turn.

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - Mini:Detox Food Supplement Review

Ginger: As a ingredient, Ginger has both anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. For years it has been a go to remedy for a variety of gastrointestinal issues, and there is even research to prove its validity. The researchers believe that the compounds within the ginger root stimulate digestive secretions, improve intestinal muscle tone and moving food through the digestive tract.

Liquorice/Peppermint/Chlorella: Ingredients such as liquorice and peppermint have also made their way into the cut, with both of them helping to reduce body fat and aid with weight loss. Peppermint actually helps with processing food better, easing indigestion and helping to really rev up your metabolism. Chlorella is another interesting addition as it is a brilliant source of protein, whilst also including things such as magnesium, vitamins B12 and C, and antioxidants to protect against inflammation.

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - Mini:Detox Food Supplement Review

So, how did I get on with Mini:Detox?

Each tablet is slightly bigger than your average capsule, meaning quite a few people may struggle to swallow them at first. For me, I found it easier to swallow one at a time than attempting them both at once. Now you may think that that is pretty obvious, but apparently not to me. I attempted to swallow them both in one go and believe me, it wasn't pretty. Learn from my mistakes people...

Choking aside, I've noticed serious differences since starting my Mini:Detox. The effect was starting to get noticeable in just over a week's use. Two tablets are taken at night with a glass of water, and whilst they contain ingredients you would find have laxative effects, I've found that they don't have much of an effect on me (thankfully). That's not to say that these wouldn't affect someone else though, but as a whole I've found these seriously beneficial. After almost a months use now, I feel far better each morning and I don't feel like such a failure if I forget to exercise, as I know my Mini:Detox will still help regardless!

As a whole, the benefits of using Mini: Detox each night have actually been ridiculously noticeable. I've lost a little weight, and my stomach does not feel as bloated or weighted down either. Liam has even said how noticeably flatter my stomach is - it seems the days of me feeling podged up and gross are gone. I'm glad that my digestive health seems to have improved somewhat!

Dino's Beauty Diary - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - Mini:Detox Food Supplement Review

I'm so impressed with how well I've got on with Mini: Detox as I've struggled with detoxes in the past, so it has really changed my perspective on them I think! With such a wide variety of ingredients, it's clear that there's such a broad spectrum to suit everyones needs; be it to help trim some weight or aid in a healthy lifestyle. 

Altogether, I'd definitely recommend Mini: Detox for helping towards a healthier digestive system and losing weight. Heck, I'd recommend these for helping with bloating alone! Like most supplements, they aren't a substitute for a healthy lifestyle - they work best in combination with a good diet and exercise. If you are considering taking these, they are seriously so handy and I'm so happy with the improvements. 

Have you tried Mini: Detox before? Or any other products from the Mini V range? Let me know in the comments below! 
*This item was gifted to me by the brand. All opinions are my own.

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