20 November 2015

Lush Oxford Street Haul #2

Dino's Beauty Diary - Lush Oxford Street Haul #2

Ah, nothing beats a good Lush haul does it? Most girls (and bloggers to think about it) love a little trip to a local Lush store, and I definitely fall into that category. I'm always amazed at the products, and I swear that each time I go in I find a new product that I always feel like I need. So when myself and Natalie (of Natalie's Beauty Base) headed down to London to attend the blogger awards, it was inevitable that we would eventually find our way to the flagship store on Oxford Street.

19 November 2015

#PrairiePizzazz 'Enchanted'

Dino's Beauty Diary - #PrairiePizzazz 'Enchanted'

Everyone has one of those brands that they go to time and time again, and for me, Prairie Charms is one of them. They're a brand that manages to fit into quite a few categories, be it beauty, fashion, and even lifestyle. You can tell that each item has been designed with amazing attention to detail, and thats just one of the many reasons I love them.

11 November 2015

The Melt Crowd | November 2015

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - November 2015

It's getting to that time of year again - Christmas! And with the nights coming quicker and getting darker sooner, there's nothing I love more than whacking on a gorgeous melt and basking in its aroma. Plus, thanks to Flamingo Candles, there's now such a wide variety of fragrances for me to choose from. What's not to love about that?


9 November 2015

'Tis The Season - A Classic Christmas With Jo Malone London

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Tis The Season - A Classic Christmas With Jo Malone London

Christmas is almost here. The weather is getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and theres only just over a month or so left until Christmas Day. I may sound cliché and old, but where on Earth has this year gone?! It seems like not that long ago I was celebrating new year, or hosting the second Bloggers Unite event. And now here we are, at the tail end of the year, scratching our heads at how quickly time has passed.

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