14 December 2015

Introducing: 'NAILED London' By Rosie Fortescue*

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Nailed London' by Rosie Fortescue Nail Polishes

In my line of work, any nail polish I tend to wear gets chipped more often than not. It's slightly frustrating as I love a good manicure as much as the next girl, so I'm always constantly on the look out for a range or brand that promises to be longer lasting. So when these little beauties found their way through my letterbox, I was beyond excited.

As possibly the hottest new nail polish range to launch in 2015, 'Nailed London' is set to be revolutionary in the beauty industry. Most known for her central role in the BAFTA award winning show 'Made in Chelsea', Rosie Fortescue has struck out and made a name for herself as fashionable and stylish trendsetter.

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Nailed London' by Rosie Fortescue Nail Polishes

Now combining her love of both fashion and nail polish, Rosie has brought forward her own new, unique range of gel-like polishes. With a variety of 28 gorgeous shades and glitters, and both an individual base coat and a top coat, there's sure to be a shade to suit everyones preferences.

What makes the Nailed range different is the three step system formulated to match the look, feel, wear and gloss of a full on professional gel polish. In the past I've seen other brands bring out their own 'gel-like' polishes, but a few of them almost fail to step up to the mark and give a decent wear - especially with my work where chipping my nail polish seems to be a routine habit. However, Rosie's range gives at least two to three days better wear than any other gelled products, and all without the hassle of an in-salon gel manicure.

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Nailed London' by Rosie Fortescue Nail Polishes

The base coat* goes on so easily, creating a flawless surface for colour as it smooths out any imperfections. With ingredients such as epoxy resin and polyvinyl butyral, the base coat helps to bind any colour applied afterwards and helps to boost and improve the natural look of the nail. This itself is a product I'm 100% going to repurchase after I've used it - it's honestly one of the best bases I've used, and has replaced any others in my nail polish collection.

Each colour has a number of ingredients to help deliver a durable, long lasting and shiny finish. With volcanic glass to provide strength during the application and shellac to protect the nails, you can instantly tell there's something different with this collection. Only one coat is required as the colours are highly pigmented, and after it has dried you can immediately feel that the nails are stronger and tougher.

The top coat* for me is the real shiner in this collection though. With acrylic to give non-yellowing properties, the top coat helps to protect and preserve the manicure, giving it that overall wet-look finish. In all honesty I have never used a top coat like this one before, and it has seriously changed my nail game. All other top coats in future are going to be overlooked by this bad boy - they have some serious competition here!

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Nailed London' by Rosie Fortescue Nail Polishes

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Nailed London' by Rosie Fortescue Nail Polishes

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Nailed London' by Rosie Fortescue Nail Polishes

The first colour that immediately caught my eye was 'Noodle Nude'*, which as the name suggests, is the perfect neutral colour. Named after Rosie's pet dog Noodle, the polish goes on like a dream and is seriously pigmented. It looks great after just one application which amazed me, as I normally have to put a couple of coats or so on when I paint my nails. I'm a complete sucker for any nude/pale colours as I think they look absolutely stunning and sophisticated once on, and I'm glad to say that this soft nude didn't disappoint.

Second on my list is the deeper, almost berry-like 'Thigh High Club'*, which is a stunning, darker shade. When it comes to autumn/winter time there's nothing I love more than a dark nail - it just seems to fit so perfectly with the season. At first glance I thought this was a nice brown shade, but once applied it's actually a gorgeous deep red which is perfect for over Christmas. I can just imagine how gorgeous this would look on the toes in a nice peep toe heel.

Dino's Beauty Diary - 'Nailed London' by Rosie Fortescue Nail Polishes

I can definitely see why this range is tipped to be revolutionary - they've made such a deep impact with me and definitely have my vote! As I mentioned before, whenever I paint my nails they tend to chip pretty quick at work, but with Nailed London my manicures have lasted much longer and the overall condition of my nails has improved. At one point before use my nails were pretty weak and would snap easily, but thanks to the combination of products from this range my nails are now much stronger and look healthier. 

Overall I can't recommend these nail polishes enough - if you're seriously into nail art and such then you should definitely consider adding these to your collection! Or, with Christmas approaching, they would be that perfect gift for any beauty lover, especially with the glitter polishes available! Why not check out Rosie's festive video below to see for yourself and get in the Christmas mood?

The Nailed London range can be brought on Feel Unique here at £6.99 each.

What are your thoughts? Have you used any Nailed London products before? Or do you have something to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

*This item was gifted to me by the brand. All opinions are my own.

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