The Melt Crowd | January 2016

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - January 2016

It's officially the start of the new year, and for most people that means a bunch of things to be excited for regarding New Year resolutions. For me? I'm just excited to have another Melt Crowd box drop through my door! I was seriously impressed with December's box, especially the Christmas themed melts such as 'Mulled Wine and Berries'. Is January's box able to keep up with the Christmas box?

The Melt Crowd has also added an exiting new addition to the box to mark my 6 months subscribed with Flamingo Candles! I was super excited to open up the box and find an extra melt in there, especially when it smells so good. It's super delicious and sweet enough to make my mouth water too, and I know for a fact that it will make a room smell fantastic.

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - January 2016

'Baby Powder' Scent Melt - Doesn't the smell of talcum powder take you right back to your childhood? It does for me, and this melt is no exception. It smells quite yummy and soft, and would give any room a nice and welcoming scent without being too overpowering or strong.

'Crystal Mountain Water' Scent Melt - This one is a nice and refreshing scent compared to the sweetness of the others. It reminds me of a nice, fresh morning once you've opened the windows and let the crisp air in. It's perfect to burn in a bathroom as it would instantly freshen the room up.

'Strawberry Jam' Scent Melt - Strawberries are 100% my favourite fruit, and to get a melt that smells so nice and juicy just like them is perfect. In fact, my favourite combination is peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches (hey, maybe a future melt to be made eh Flamingo Candles?). It's a very sweet and juicy scent, and it actually makes me a little hungry.

BARE 'Cinnamon & Mandarin' Essential Oils Scent Melt - I was excited to see two of the new upcoming 'Bare' range, made from essential oils. In all honesty, I'm not sure what I think of this certain melt. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm not keen on cinnamon, and this melt smells so strongly of it that I can only just detect a hint of anything else. 

'Whisky' Scent Melt - This has to be one of my favourite melts of the box, as it took me by surprise! It's sweeter than I expected it to be, and not too overpowering - which is good as there's quite a few dominating melts in this box. It's quite warm and welcoming, and I can just imagine burning it to wind down after a long day.

BARE 'Orange & Lemongrass' Essential Oils Scent Melt - This is one of the biggest scents in the box, and it's also the one I could smell as soon as I grabbed it from the letterbox. It has a gorgeous, strong zest to it and it reminds me of a sweet which I can't quite put my finger on.

'Pink Denim' Scent Melt - I'm not sure how exactly denim is meant to smell, but this melt is stunning. It has a nice fresh and floral aroma to it and is a lovely spring kind of fragrance. Definitely up there as one of my top melts from The Melt Crowd so far!

'Coconut' Scent Melt - Like cinnamon, coconut is way, way down my list as one of the things I don't like. However this melt actually took me by surprise as it's not too strong. To me it doesn't really smell like coconut as there's only the slightest trace of it. It's quite warming though, and I swear it has a little hint of almonds. Yummy.

'Raspberry & Salted Caramel' Scent Melt - One word: Wow. This melt smells delicious and it's actually making me drool a little bit. The caramel is noticeable at first with hints of vanilla, and the raspberry is subtle but sweet. It's an interesting combination that you wouldn't necessarily put together, but it works well.

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - January 2016

Overall I'm pretty happy with this months box, and I'm excited to see what other essential oil melts there may be. Another thing I love about Flamingo Candles and The Melt Crowd is the little things they do to go the extra mile to make you happy to be a subscriber. Soon I'll start planning what to do on our one year anniversary I swear, ha!

Are you subscribed to The Melt Crowd? What are your thoughts on this months box? Or maybe you're looking at signing up? Let me know in the comments below!

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