The Melt Crowd | Valentines Edition (February 2016)

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - February 2016 Valentines Edition

First up, how is it February already?! I know everyone and their Nan say it, but I still can't believe how fast this year has gone so far. I could have sworn New Years was only a couple of days ago, but hey ho!

As the end of each month approaches, I always get a little bit excited thanks to Flamingo Candles. Most of the time when the next Melt Crowd box drops through my front door, I can smell it as soon as I enter the hallway. This months box was something completely different for me though, as I couldn't quite place what the combination of the melts smelt like. There was something that smelt fresh and uplifting, but also a little coffee-like aroma. It seemed like a pretty interesting combination!

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - February 2016 Valentines Edition

'Pink Lemonade' Scent Melt - Ever since my first Pizza Express, I've loved pink lemonade. It tastes gorgeous! So when I saw this melt I did a little happy dance. It's a little bit sweeter than I expected, but I still think this is one of my favourites from the box anyway. It has a little zing to it which is pretty powerful, but it isn't too sickly either. It's the ideal fruity kind of fragrance for me!

'Rose' Scent Melt (Exclusive) - This is a melt crowd exclusive, but it's the perfect melt for Valentines Day. It's really quite fresh and uplifting, but it also has a kind of warm aroma to it. It's not too overpowering like some melts I've had in the past either.

'Acai Berry' Scent Melt (Preview) - A melt crowd preview, I'm actually excited for when this bad boy gets released! It's a deep, mysterious kind of scent, and it kind of reminds me of sweet cherries. You know those cherries you get in the Haribo tangfastics? It smells exactly like that to me!

'Circus - Cherry Slush' Scent Melt - So far I've already received the 'Doughnuts' and 'Candy Floss' melts from the Circus range, and I've been in love with them both. Thankfully 'Cherry Slush' is no different - it definitely reminds me of a cherry slush puppy, and who doesn't love slush puppies?! The gorgeous smell without the brain-freeze, perfect!

'Bamboo & White Grapefruit' Scent Melt (Exclusive) - Another melt crowd exclusive, this melt is what I could smell when it first dropped through my letterbox. It's an intriguing combination and it smells like something that I just can't quite put my finger on. Can't say I'm 100% sure on this one!

'Kir Royale' Cocktail Scent Melt - This is the first melt I've had so far which is a repeat, as it was included in my first ever Melt Crowd box in August. I still love how this melt smells so it's being welcomed with open arms over here!

'Espresso' Scent Melt (Preview) - Boy oh boy is this baby strong! As well as the Bamboo melt, this is the other scent I picked up on when I received the box. I know everyones tastes differ and some people may hate the scent of this melt, but I love it. Coffee smells amazing to me, and this bad boy is packed with a punch. It makes me think of coffee flavoured revels or coffee truffles too - Yum!

'Love Bug' Hearts - This is another perfect scent for Valentines day, as both of the melts together smell so uplifting and refreshing when combined. It's nice and sweet too, plus it's always a bonus to receive a different kind of item instead of just the normal melts!

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - February 2016 Valentines Edition

Altogether I'm pretty impressed with the February box. The only melt I'm unsure on has to be the 'Bamboo & White Grapefruit', but apart from that I'm happy with the different range of fragrances! Are you signed up to the Melt Crowd? What are your thoughts on this months box? Let me know in the comments below!

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