30 March 2016

#PrairiePizzaz Spring '16

Dino's Beauty - #PrairiePizzazz Spring '16

EEEEK, it's finally here! Ever since Prairie Charms announced they were going to be doing a Spring 'Prairie Pizzazz' box, I've been patiently (ha) waiting by my letter box for it to drop through. And this past week, it finally did, yipee! One of the things I've loved about the boxes so far is the themed wax melts - in the 'Enchanted' box there were candy skull melts, and in the 'Winter' box there were little gingerbread men and candy canes - super cute!

25 March 2016

Fitness Fridays | Mini V Nutrition - 'Mini:Bar' Protein Bars Review*

Dino's Beauty - Fitness Fridays - Mini V Nutrition - 'Mini:Bar' Protein Bars Review*

One of the things I've always had a struggle with in regards to fitness is protein bars. There's such a wide variety of bars out there - all different brands, different flavours and different styles. You name it, and there is probably some kind of protein bar out there to match.

23 March 2016

Meet My Dry Skin Saviour

Dino's Beauty - Meet My Dry Skin Saviour

Suffering with dry skin is, for lack of a better term, a ballache. To stay on top of it and keep any signs of it at bay under my makeup, I have to be ridiculously thorough with my skincare routine. Exfoliators, day creams, intensive night creams, beauty oils, serums - you name it, it's probably already in my routine somewhere.

21 March 2016

The Beauty Bargain You're Missing Out On

Dino's Beauty - The Beauty Bargain You're Missing Out On

I'm always on the lookout for a good bargain, but I have to say I never thought I'd find something in my local Lidl. In all honesty I didn't even know Lidl had a bit of a beauty section until I happened to come across it a couple of weeks ago!

16 March 2016

The Haircare Essential For Soft, Silky Locks*

Dino's Beauty - The Haircare Essential For Soft And Silky Locks

Up until recently, I never really bothered with putting any product or anything on my hair. The only things I would ever use was shampoo and conditioner, and maybe every now and then a hair mask. Partly down to laziness and work, I never really did much with my hair bar curling it.

11 March 2016

London Haulin'

Dino's Beauty Diary - London Haulin'

There's nothing a girl loves more than some quality shopping time, especially me! And London has to be one of the best places for a day of wandering the stores and having a little splurge - especially the famous Oxford Street, (home to the flagship Lush store, obviously!). So when some quality time was needed with my girl Natalie (of Natalie's Beauty Base) we decided on a girly day out in London, shopping style!

9 March 2016

The Melt Crowd | Easter Edition (March 2016)

Dino's Beauty Diary - The Melt Crowd - Easter Edition (March 2016)

How crazy is it that Easter is only practically a stones throw away? I can almost smell the chocolate...or maybe that's something to do with the deliciously scented 'Easter Egg' melt. Who knows! Anyway, with that in mind, Flamingo Candles have done it once again and given Melt Crowd subscribers another brilliant box, this time themed around Easter and all it brings.

4 March 2016

My Most Used MAC Lipsticks

Dino's Beauty Diary - My Top Used MAC Lipsticks

Ah, MAC. Their lipsticks are loved and desired throughout the blogging world, with numerous celebrity ranges selling out almost instantly. In all honesty, I'm not even sure I know a blogger who doesn't own a MAC lipstick now that I think of it...

2 March 2016

Favourites | February '16

Dino's Beauty Diary - February Favourites 2016

*Insert typical 'how fast is time rushing by' moan here*.

In all seriousness though, how is it March already?! My mind can't seem to grasp that we're now a quarter of the way into the year, and technically now into Spring too! Not that the weather shows that mind...I'm not sure what it's like where you live, but right now I can hear the heavy wind outside the window, and only a couple of hours ago it was peeing it down with rain. Ah, England, what lovely weather you have.
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