Keratin Revolution - Illuminating Argan Oil*

Dino's Beauty - The Haircare Essential For Soft And Silky Locks

Up until recently, I never really bothered with putting any product or anything on my hair. The only things I would ever use was shampoo and conditioner, and maybe every now and then a hair mask. Partly down to laziness and work, I never really did much with my hair bar curling it.

After a while though, I noticed my hair would start getting a bit frizzy around certain places, and especially at the roots. For a while I found it frustrating, switching shampoos and conditioners constantly with no noticeable change. You name the brand, and chances are I've tried their version of frizz control hair products. It was getting ridiculous, and for a while I pretty much stopped trying with my hair and pulled it up out of the way so I didn't have to deal with it.

Dino's Beauty - The Haircare Essential For Soft And Silky Locks

So when Hannah, Frankie and I hosted the 'Bloggers Unite' Summer 2015 event and managed to get some brands specialising in hair products to attend and give a talk, I got quite excited. I figured I could get chatting to them about my irritating frizz problem, and I can tell you now I am so glad I did.

Up first was Keratin Revolution and their innovative products, and their representative Faye was fantastic, giving us all a great insight into the brand. Towards the end of the talk, each blogger was generously gifted a full sized bottle of their leave-in conditioner (you can check out my full review of the product here). Because I loved the conditioner so much and it helped keep some frizz in check, I jumped at the chance to try out their Illuminating 'Argan Oil'*.

Hair oils are relatively new to me, as I'd always thought that if I were to use one, it would make my hair look greasy, limp and lifeless. Oh how naive I was! I honestly don't know how I've gone for so long without them now, especially Keratin Revolution's little miracle!

Dino's Beauty - The Haircare Essential For Soft And Silky Locks

The first thing I love about this oil and what drew me to it is how gorgeous is smells. There's a sweet luxurious air to it, something which lingers in the hair long after it's application. I'm not sure why but whenever I use this I always feel a bit more confident afterwards as it reminds me of whenever I get my hair done at my local salon - I love how refreshed my hair feels after a good pamper. And this oil reminds me of that little luxury!

Having used this oil for a good while now, I can honestly say my hair has never felt better. The frizz in my hair has been greatly reduced to the point that it's almost non-existent now, and it has helped give me a bit of a boost to actually do more with my hair than just trying to get it out of the way. My hair feels like it has been revived and given some life, whilst leaving it to feel soft and silky with a gentle shine. I genuinely couldn't believe how great my hair felt and it was instantly noticeable once it had all dried. And I'm glad to announce - there was no grease or limp hair in sight, hurrah!

I have to point out here that the product is great value too - coming in a 50ml bottle, this product would last a good while in my eyes. I have quite long and thick hair, so usually it takes quite a bit of product. It's pretty ridiculous - when I used to home dye my hair, it normally took about 3 boxes to cover all of it. But with the Argan Oil, I can actually get away with just one pump from the bottle, or two if I think my hair could use a bit more TLC. Warming and rubbing it into my hands, it's easy to work through the hair and isn't too heavy to work through. 

Dino's Beauty - The Haircare Essential For Soft And Silky Locks

Established in 2010, Keratin Revolution are making their mark in the beauty industry with their advanced and highly professional products. Having tried out their leave-in conditioner not too long ago and now their hair oil, I'm definitely keeping my eye on Keratin Revolution and their products - so keep your eyes peeled for some of their products in the future!

What are your thoughts? Have you tried Keratin Revolution and their products before? Or have you tried another hair oil or have any to suggest for me? Let me know in the comments below!

*This item was gifted to me by the brand. All opinions are my own.

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