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It's crazy that we're already into April isn't it? I honestly don't know where the time has gone! I know people say it all the time, but this year is flying by. I swear it must be something to do with work - the days seem to flit by ridiculously fast whenever I'm in. Sometimes it just feels like no matter the workload, the time goes by so quickly that I don't even realise what day of the week it is until the weekend!

With that in mind, March has been a pretty busy month for me. With things changing and moving forward quickly at work, it feels like my stress levels have reached their limit. So after I finish work each day and head home, I'm always ready to unwind and relax as soon as I walk through the door. Nothing relaxes me more than a nice long soak in the bath, or playing around with makeup and testing out new looks and different makeup products to those I use on a regular basis.

LUSH, LUSH UK, Yuzu and Cocoa, Dr PawPaw, Peach, Multipurpose Balm, No7, Lovely Lashes, Mascara, Soap and Glory, Hocus Focus, Strobing, Illuminator, Mist You Madly, Beauty, April 2016, Favourites

All of my favourites this month are beauty related, but that's not really that surprising to me as I've been making a conscious effort to try new and different products, or items that I've not really used much. I don't know if it's just me, but day in day out I tend to use the same products over and over again. It's easy to fall into a simple routine when you can't really be bothered with making much of an effort just for work - surely that's not just me? Do you guys tend to use the same products constantly?

So to get myself out a bit of a beauty rut, I've been actively switching eyeshadows, mascaras, primers, eyeliners - you name it, and I've been changing it up. In fact, the only thing that's really stayed the same for me make-up wise is the Freedom Eyebrow Palette! I've been toying with strobing products too, and at the sacrifice of having to give up a bit of sleep and get up earlier, I'm pretty impressed with some of the results so far - but more on that later!

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Beauty, No7, Lovely Lashes, Mascara, Boots, Makeup, Argan Oil, Natural Looking Lashes

Dr. PawPaw Tinted Peach Pink Balm*: A while back, I got the chance to try out the original Dr. PawPaw Multipurpose balm* (you can find my full review here). At the time I absolutely fell in love with the balm - it has way more uses than just your standard lip balm, which at the time was something I definitely wasn't expecting. This time around though, I've managed to rediscover my love for their products in the form of the 'Peach Pink Balm'*. I actually received this as part of a PR event down in London where I managed to get talking to a lady from the brand. Did you know that as well as being nice and hydrating on the skin, this product can look slightly different colours depending on skin type? It can either look slightly pink or, if you're like me, it can look a lot more peachy. This is a fantastic product to keep in my bag just for a simple, nice looking and natural tint to my lips, or can even be used for a touch of colour to the cheeks - I love it! I just need to get my hands on the red balm now and my collection will be complete - I can't wait to see how good the red looks!

Soap & Glory 'Hocus Focus' Instant Flaw Softening Illuminator: Ah 'Hocus Focus', where have you been all my life?! I've always been a bit late to the game when it comes to contouring and strobing, but I think I've finally found my miracle highlighter! Coming in a liquid form it's slightly different to the powders I normally stick to, or any other liquid products I've experimented with in the past. For the £11 price tag I did think it was rather small, but a little of this actually goes a really long way, trust me. I love dabbing this onto my cheekbones and under my eyebrows, it really is a fantastic highlighter. Or, because it is a little runny, I love mixing this with my liquid foundation to give an all over dewy kind of look. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review coming soon - this has to be one of the best highlighters I've used to date!

No7 'Lovely Lashes' Mascara: Another Boots product, I actually got this full sized product as part of my No7 Advent Calendar over Christmas - I'm sure it was what was hiding behind the last door! For a while now I had been using Urban Decay's 'Perversion' mascara with fantastic results, but I was getting a bit bored and made the gamble to switch to this beauty, and I'm so glad I did. 'Lovely Lashes' gives any makeup look a bit of a natural touch with increased volume to the lashes. On the odd days when I actually can't be bothered to do a full on makeup look (those extra minutes in bed in the morning really do count) I love to sweep some of this onto my lashes and get going. It really adds to the eyes and gives them that little bit extra to stand out but still look perfectly natural. Plus it's enriched with argan oil too to help nourish the lashes, bonus.

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LUSH 'Yuzu and Cocoa' Moisturising Shower Cream: For a while now I think I've been mentioning that the 'Yuzu and Cocoa' scent makes me drool - I love it so much! It has to be my favourite LUSH scent, which wasn't an easy call to make - 'Rose Jam' makes a close second or may even be tied for first, followed by 'Yog Nog' every Christmas. Enriched with cocoa and tonka, this shower cream smells like yummy chocolate orange. Seriously, anything with chocolate orange in and I'm sold, no questions asked. I've been loving using this product a lot more recently, as it leaves a delicate trace on the skin which I can smell long after I've had a shower or bath. I am close to the end of the bottle though, so a journey to LUSH to restock is on the cards soon.

Soap & Glory 'Mist You Madly' Body Spray: I actually picked this up after Christmas last year as a set with two other body mists - I had quite a lot of advantage cards racked up so I figured I'd treat myself. Soap and Glory can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to their signature scent, and this body mist is exactly that. With notes of freesia, sandlewood and vanilla, this scent is perfect for everyday wear. As it came as part of a set, the size is slightly smaller than the larger bottles that you can buy individually, and as it's only 100ml it's the perfect product to stick in your bag for on the go use throughout the day. It's long lasting too, and I tend to spray on a ridiculous amount - I haven't even used a quater of it yet and I've had it since Christmas!

LUSH, LUSH UK, Yuzu and Cocoa, Dr PawPaw, Peach, Multipurpose Balm, No7, Lovely Lashes, Mascara, Soap and Glory, Hocus Focus, Strobing, Illuminator, Mist You Madly, Beauty, April 2016, Favourites

This past month, all my favourites have been beauty products, and that has honestly been a bit of a struggle for me! There have been so many fantastic products I've used in March that it has honestly been pretty hard narrowing it down to just a few! What products have you been reaching for this past month? Do you have any recommendations on other products I should try next? Let me know in the comments below!

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