All Natural Haircare - Noughty 'Care Taker' Shampoo and Conditioner*

beauty, haircare, hair, sensitive scalp, shampoo, conditioner, Care Taker, Noughty, Superdrug, Noughty Haircare, Natural,

beauty, haircare, hair, sensitive scalp, shampoo, conditioner, Care Taker, Noughty, Superdrug, Noughty Haircare, Natural,

beauty, haircare, hair, sensitive scalp, shampoo, conditioner, Care Taker, Noughty, Superdrug, Noughty Haircare, Natural,

If there's one thing we should indulge in, it's some proper haircare pampering. We all make the effort to take care of our looks, our skin and our general wellbeing, but what about our hair? And the few times then and there that we may treat our hair to a bit of luxury, what exactly in those products that we choose to use?

That's where the fabulous new brand 'Noughty' comes in. Devised with simple, natural haircare in mind, Noughty pride themselves on being a brand that doesn't take themselves too seriously - except when it comes to ingredients. With no 'uglies' such as parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals and silicones Noughty's pretty intensive haircare range is unlike any other range on the market.  After all, what other brand out there boasts 97% natural ingredients?

Naughty is a UK based brand, using only the best and natural ingredients out there - their products are even suitable for vegetarians and vegans! Packed with high quality ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, sea kelp and organ oil, Noughty's haircare products really help your hair and give it a much needed refreshing boost - trust me, these beauties are well worth it!

With five different ranges, Noughty have ensured that they have products for pretty much any hair type - for me,  Noughty's 'Care Taker*' (RRP £6.99) range immediately caught my eye. Designed for those suffering with dandruff or a sensitive scalp, the range promises to give your hair some much needed TLC.

Having a sensitive scalp can often be a nightmare, and trust me when I say it can be a pain in the butt.  Typically I tend to sway towards shampoos and conditioners designed to help with hair colour or style, and the only products in the past I've used for sensitive scalps is Head and Shoulders. Naughty have completely changed my perspective though, and I never realised until now how bad my sensitive scalp was. After using Noughty's products though, my hair felt so soft that I couldn't stop touching it. For me, t was like my hair was struggling without me noticing, but afterwards it was almost like I'd been to a salon.

For a few weeks now, the Care Taker range has been my go-to in shower range. I'm seriously in love with their packaging too - it seems slightly minimalistic but with a hint of luxury as well. The shampoo itself lathered up quickly and effectively, and once rinsed out and followed by the conditioner my hair has honestly never felt better.  The conditioner too works like a charm, and you can feel how soft your hair is before you even step out of the shower and dry off. 

One of the best things that draws me in and makes me purchase something like haircare or skincare is how the product smells. I can guarantee you that right now, if there was something that I didn't like but could smell in a product, I would put that product straight back on the shelf and walk away. Interestingly enough though, I swear that I can smell a trace of coconut in the shampoo - anyone who knows me knows I don't really like coconut, but recently I've been warming to it (scent wise, I don't think I could ever eat or drink it in something). The conditioner though has more of an argan oil scent to it - it's a soft, delicate scent that once used, it will transfer a soft fragrance to the hair. I can guarantee after using Care Taker, it will leave you with beautiful and soft hair.

All Noughty products can be purchased either directly from Noughty themselves, or Superdrug both online and in store.

Have you tried Noughty products before? Or are you looking to purchase soon? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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