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SnackCrate South Korea Box Of Snacks - Em's Editorial
It’s safe to say since Jim came along that we haven’t had a holiday in a while.

Even our Honeymoon this year has had to be put on hold thanks to the outbreak of Coronavirus. Thankfully it’s only been put on hold instead of cancelled, and to be honest I’d rather us wait until things are pretty much back to normal rather than taking that chance and travelling in the midst of a pandemic!

That being said, a few months ago I’d decided that we did deserve a little treat at least – and what better treat than an assortment of different snacks from around the world? That’s where Snackcrate comes in – a box of treats from a different country around the world each month! It’s really simple to sign up for too – all you have to do is pick between three sizes (mini, original or family size) and each month when a new country is selected, that box will be shipped out to you right from the source!
SnackCrate South Korea Box Of Snacks - Em's Editorial
SnackCrate South Korea Box Of Snacks - Em's Editorial
The first box I received was from South Korea, and let me tell you I was super excited to receive it. Originally when you sign up, you get to take a quiz to pick your first starter box from a few preselected countries – I ended up going with Hawaii, and then signed up to receive that months box also. But as fate would have it, I ended up receiving my South Korea subscription box before my Hawaii one had even been dispatched thanks to Covid!

Each box comes with a little fact sheet about that months country, giving you a little overview and some fun facts. Did you know that apparently South Koreans love shopping so much that most stores are open until 4am? Or that when they pose for pictures they will say ‘kimchi’ instead of ‘cheese’? There’s even a QR code with a link to a playlist of Korean music – how cool is that?

Anyway, I’d gone for the ‘Original’ size box for us all to share – so let’s get on to the snacks shall we?
SnackCrate South Korea Box Of Snacks - Em's Editorial
SnackCrate South Korea Box Of Snacks - Em's Editorial
SnackCrate South Korea Box Of Snacks - Em's Editorial
SnackCrate South Korea Box Of Snacks - Em's Editorial
My Gummy Grape
Sweet and authentic grape-flavoured gummies that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. This is not your typical gummy treat!

Butter Waffle
Everything you love about a waffle smothered in butter, but this version is made to take on the go! Try this crunchy snack for breakfast.

Custard Cake
A light, sweet sponge cake filled with a rich, creamy custard. A popular Korean dessert snack that is good to eat any time of day!

Pepero White Cookie
Crunchy biscuit sticks dipped in creamy white chocolate and covered in small cookie crumbles. You can’t get enough of this Korean classic!

The most traditional Korean cookie made of honey, flour and toasted rice. You are sure to find this snack during any holiday celebration in Korea.

Baked Potato Sticks
Thin, crunchy sticks flavoured with butter and salt to taste like an undeniably delicious baked potato. Bet you can’t stop at one!

Chic-Choc Tiramisu
Soft and chewy coffee-flavoured cookie with chunks of chocolate chips and cream cheese. A sweet and decadent delicacy.

Choco Pie
These marshmallow pies are adored by all Koreans. They are regularly smuggled into North Korea where they are as good as cash.

Ppushu Ppushu
Don’t cook it! A favourite Korean snack involves crunching the noodles in the bag and then covering the noodles with the flavouring included.

Magumagu (Churros)
Try one of Crown’s four very best crunchy, sweet snacks! Enjoy either the Shizzang, Jolly Pong, Churros or Corn Chips!

Seacom Dalcom (Lemonade)
A fruit chew with a sweet and sour kick. An addicting candy found all over Korea. Try either grape, peach, strawberry or lemonade!

Potato Truffle
Salty potato in the shape of a thin waffle and flavoured with black truffle making this a melt-in-your-mouth favourite!
SnackCrate South Korea Box Of Snacks - Em's Editorial
Overall, we were pretty happy with our South Korea Snackcrate – there were so many sweet treats to choose from, that it’s genuinely hard to select a favourite. For me it would probably have to be the Gummy Grape – they were so delicious and full of flavour that I couldn’t help but pretty much scoff the entire pack. Meanwhile I think Liam’s favourite was the Tiramisu Cookie – coffee and chocolate with a bit of cream cheese? Yes please! Jim however was more of a fan of the Pepero White Cookie sticks, and I can’t blame him for constantly asking for more!

What do you think to the Snackcrate box? Would you buy the South Korea version? What snack does it have you desperate to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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