10 Horror Films To Watch On Netflix & Prime

It’s official. It is now my favourite time of year.

I absolutely adore the run up to Halloween and this season – the weather getting cooler (definitely not a summer girl), the autumnal vibes, the release of a bunch of new spooky movies and TV shows – it’s definitely my time of year. I am a true horror lover through and through, and it definitely becomes easier to watch horrors when it’s a bit more socially acceptable in the month or so leading up to Halloween!

So I thought that now would be a decent time for a round up of the best offerings in horror online, all right and ready for your Halloween entertainment!

Evil Dead (Prime) – A remake of sorts of the classic, Evil Dead gets a gruesome update in this 2013 reboot. With gore, horror and scares aplenty, horror fans most certainly will be happy with everything Evil Dead has in store.

As Above, So Below (Prime) – 6 years old now, I can still remember going to see this in the cinema with Liam (not a horror fan). Filmed in found-footage style, the film captures the true claustrophobia of the Parisian Catacombs. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea for us to watch this film prior to visiting them in Paris ourselves…

Dead Silence (Prime) – Why are dolls so damn creepy? Based all around the concept of haunted ventriloquist dolls, need I really say more? Honestly the first time I watched this film it flat out terrified me, and I’ve only watched it a handful of times since.

Resident Evil (Prime) – Regardless of where you stand on the whole reboot coming soon (I’m all for more Resident Evil at the end of the day), there’s no denying the films can be worthy of a good binge. To this day I still get chills about *that* laser room scene, and whilst the later films may have declined and gone off the rails slightly, its's in general not a bad film series to watch.

American Mary (Prime) – One I haven’t watched in years, but I still remember the chills it gave me to this day. Following a broke surgical resident as she becomes involved in the extreme body modification world for extra cash, this film is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Sinister (Netflix) – A supernatural horror revolving around a writer that discovers some home movies in his hew house that appear to depict gruesome murders. The atmosphere of the film is so borderline creepy that I found myself on edge in parts, and the pagan deity that appears throughout the film? Well he’s just flat out terrifying.

The Conjuring (Netflix) – Anything labelled as based on true events automatically gets 10/10 spooky points from me. And The Conjuring doesn’t fail to deliver either.

Devil (Netflix) – When 5 strangers get trapped in a lift and slowly picked off 1 by 1 by the Devil, a detective must work fast to try and save them. It may not sound truly spooky, but trust me when I say you’ll constantly be on the edge of your seat.

The Possession Of Hannah Grace (Netflix) – Set in a morgue of all places, this film truly knows how to turn something you may consider a tad creepy into something just flat out terrifying. Alone in a morgue with dead bodies that aren’t seemingly all that dead? Yeah count me out thank you!

Halloween (Netflix) It’s rare to find remakes or reboots anywhere near as good as the originals, but thankfully the latest Halloween outing delivers. Revisiting Haddonfield years later, we see what has become of Laurie Strode. It’s a welcome return to the Halloween series after the *ahem* slightly disappointing Rob Zombie fiasco.

What are your top picks for horror films?

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