ARC Book Review | 'Floored' By Karla Sorensen*

I am obsessed with all things the Ward family it seems.

It started out with The Marriage Effect, and quickly snowballed with the stories of the siblings in Focused and Faked. So when I heard of the next story in the series being focused on none other than Lia Ward, and her falling for a hot English football (soccer if you're American) player, I knew I'd be hooked.

Let's get one thing straight - I will from here on be referring to the sport as 'football', because as a huge fan based in England myself, that's just what the sport is to me (apologies to any Americans!). I love reading sports romance, and have no issue with the difference of opinion, but its just the way it is to me. And as a regular football attendee myself, how could I not fall completely in love with Jude?!

If you've ever had a steamy one-night stand with a British football player and then find yourself pregnant with his baby, you know how Lia Ward feels.

To be fair, Lia didn't know who Jude McAllister was when they met.

Across the ocean for a semester studying for her master's program, all she knows is that she's a little lonely and he's very charming, even as they have an epically sexy argument about which type of football is superior.

In Jude's mind, sh*gging the feisty American girl is exactly what he needs. He’s been fighting the clock of his long-standing football career and the younger players primed to take his position. Proving that he can feel like his old self again—something he's been trying to do with everyone in his life—should be easier after blowing off steam with Lia.

But oh baby, when a plus sign pops up on Lia's pregnancy test, that 'one night' becomes a whole lot more.

Now Lia and Jude have to navigate their impossible-to-ignore chemistry, and prepare for the parenting game, something neither of them know how to play.

The third installment in the Ward Sisters series and latest offering from Karla Sorensen, 'Floored' focuses on Lia Wards story and how she finds her happily ever after. The wild and adventurous twin of Claire (whose story we saw in 'Faked'), Lia has jumped at the chance to study abroad at Oxford with her idol for her masters degree. What she didn't count on was the loneliness of being on a different continent to her family. Jude McAllister is a famous football player in England who is struggling with his age and career, and the possibility of those younger than him taking the limelight. Its those feelings that throw the pair together one evening when they meet in a pub and sparks fly when they start to debate football/soccer. 

Lia was a delight, and it was so lovely to see her Side of the twin bond and how much she differed from Claire in the previous book. It was great to see her passion and determination when it came to her degree and work, and I loved her maturity and how she handled things when she discovered she had fallen pregnant. The support and devotion she has towards her family and vice versa also had me tearing up at some points - with the scars from their mothers abandonment, family really means a lot to the Ward family and it was so lovely to see that coming off the page.

Jude is your typical broody alpha hero. A star player for his football team, he feels as though his talent is beginning to decline and be overtaken by ambitious players younger than him. Sorensen has a knack for writing broody, alpha type males and I am honestly here for it. As the book deals with an unplanned pregnancy, I was also glad to find that Jude wasn’t a complete ass about the situation either - rather he was supportive of Lia and their baby, and I was all for it.

Together Lia and Jude’s story is probably my favourite of the Ward sisters yet - their chemistry was palpable from the start, and seeing them navigate a relationship whilst processing their unplanned pregnancy was a delight. Both of them have pretty important abandonment issues that they eventually have to deal with, especially when thinking about their future together with a child, but when a small conflict arises they both realise they have to be selfless in order to move forwards.

Altogether Floored was a gorgeous, beautifully written story. I loved the build up and development of the relationship between Lia and Jude, it felt genuine and built on mutual respect and trust for one another once they’d opened up about their issues. They’re definitely my favourite couple of The Ward Sisters series yet, and I loved the lengths Jude went to for his little family.

Next up in The Ward Sisters series is Isabel’s book, and let me tell you - from the snippet at the end of Floored, it feels like we’re definitely in for a treat. I’ve been intrigued by Isabel ever since we met her in The Marriage Effect, so it feels like her story has been a long time coming. Roll on June 2021!

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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