ARC Book Review | 'The Offer' By Becca Steele*


It’s no secret by now that I have a weakness for sports romance.

My husband would probably roll his eyes at me for claiming it as my favourite genre, but hey, I’m totally going to own it. Sports romance is my thing, and whenever a new book or author I’ve not heard of before comes through my inbox, my interest is definitely piqued.

That was definitely the case when I heard all about Becca Steele’s new offering, quite literally called ‘The Offer’:

One offer. A few fake dates. What could possibly go wrong?

All I have to do is pose as the girlfriend of London Hawks player Jake Savage. The bad boy of rugby, he has a reputation both on and off the pitch.

Neither of us are interested in a relationship, so our arrangement is perfect. We just have to go on a few dates and pretend to be into each other while we’re photographed for the tabloids.

We’re not attracted to each other, so it should be easy.

Or so I thought.

After one hot night, things change.

Now, when he kisses me, it doesn’t feel like we’re pretending anymore.

Sports romance? Check. Fake relationship? Check. Hot player with a bad reputation, and the good girl who can eventually tame him? Check.

Victoria is your standard prim and proper society girl, and to add to it all a jilted bride to boot. After finding her new husband in bed with someone else on their wedding day, she’s ashamed that her marriage completely fell apart and wishes her mother would stop trying to set her up on dates with who she deems ‘eligible’.

Jake is the rugged hero of the story, and after landing himself in hot water with the press, needs to sort his image out ASAP. So when his friend Ethan proposes a scheme with his little sister Victoria to get them both the escape they need, he eagerly accepts. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

As a shorter novella, the story was a lot more fast paced than I would have liked had it been a full story. But whilst the story was fast paced, it was definitely enjoyable seeing the relationship between the two develop from just for show to something more.

Typically I have an issue with books when it comes to insta-love – honestly, give me a slow burn and build up any day. Insta-love tends to grate on me as I just don’t find it believable – lust and attraction sure, but love is a more complex emotion and feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading Victoria and Jake’s story and they definitely had combustible chemistry and heat to light an inferno, but I would have just loved to explore that a little more.

Overall, ‘The Offer’ is a fun and light afternoon read, and a great way to relax into another world for a while. For me, it was the perfect look back at one of my favourite tropes too – afterall, who can resist a fake relationship romance?!

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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